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Wand Bearers

by hughpierre



There is a certain amount of prestige to being chosen to form a wand team. Men are well paid, fed and housed while on campaign.



Black Salt
A salt variant sourced mostly from Tlopetla and delivered by Quinametli for its explosive qualities.
Red Salt
A salt variant sourced from a far away volcano and delivered by Oztomecintli for its long burn.



Wands are long, narrow barrels of grass that are open at one end and closed at the other to focus molten salt against an enemy target.
  • Channeler: The original crafter's tool from which the weapon emerged
  • Fire Lance: A flaming staff that catches everything else around it on fire
  • Thunder Stick: The titular ranged weapon that fires molten debris


Noble Captains

The higher class who calculate the projectile trajectory and oversee orders are carried out.


Those of a typically lower class who handle the wand positioning and preparing the dangerous black/red salt cocktail before firing.


Frontline Attack

A direct bombardment by fire against enemies right in clear view of the wand bearers.

Arching Barrage

A bombardment by rigging wands at 45 degrees to fire over allied troops against fortifications and combatants.


Logistical Support

College of Birds

The Mountain Toiks provide one of the vital elements that allow the wands to function.   It has become political point with the Sacred Precinct on who supplies the Long Step with salt.


The Sinks of the wet wilds control the vital trade routes through which half the elements needed are delivered to the Bad Step.



Close to middling range missile throwers who offer screening against charging attackers.


Lightly armoured footmen armed with tepuztopilli and a small shield.



These, sometimes, serve as backup bearers during the heat of battle. Otherwise, they are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the grass drums, the chemicals are pre-prepared and safety stored and for carry the bearers' equipment over the terrain. But when an opportunity arises for advancement, they are quick to be given those promotions.


Low skilled

Because of the uniqueness of their main weapon, the handlers, the bearers and the captain need to undergo an uncommon education syllabus as part of their training. Therefore, there is not really a prerequisite basis for who is chosen by the noble commanders. Most often they are commoners pluck right from their farms or shops or lower ranked divisions and given a unique opportunity.


First Vanilla War

The principles in wand craft began in the sinks, as a means in shaping molten metals.   Techniques were further refined in the valley that later returned these advancements to the sinks. They saw their first use during the cliffside fights between the two Mytenii.

Battle for Sangsalgu

For the lack of a metal forging culture, the technology was not retained in the garden cities or in any other parts of the valley. So it was a shock when it was reencountered during the eastern campaigns.

Historical loyalties

Long Step
Organization | Jun 2, 2024

Long Step

Mytenii, Protilla and Yulyult primarily manufacture equipment and train in their use for their own forces.
Triple Alignment
Organization | Jan 18, 2021


The Sacred Precinct hires contracts from the Step for their use when a difficult campaign is expected.
Vertigo Vomit
Military Formation | Aug 5, 2020

Vertigo Vomit

Mountain Toiks can purchase or design handheld cart-mounted wands for River Toik mercenaries.

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


Vanilla Wars
Military Conflict | Jul 20, 2020
Wight War
Military Conflict | Jan 18, 2021
  Secret Stores

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