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Profit Motives

The drive of the maize merchants is, and always has been, to make profit. The balance between being purely profit driven and forwarding state policies changes, however, depending on the level of queenly involvement. Unless corn queens put a heavy scrutiny on merchant activities, they may be inclined to pursue wayward deals antagonistic to traditional courtier values.

Public Agenda

The goal of Oztomecintli has historically been to facilitate the agendas of the black corn queens. Otherwise, there are several separate people and group interests within and without the organization who are motivated to earn personal profit and economic influence.



Sheien is the entry point of the bridge connecting directly into the corn court. It is an area sectioned off from the rest of the interior of the court, but floor plans will reveal that it is slightly higher and across from the Corn Queen's throne room. Unusual among the temples and other building in the valley; a significant amount of high blend iron went into reinforcing Sheien's massive walls and roof courtesy of the gold salt floating everywhere.  
Curtain Rooms
These are rooms quartered away from the central chamber via layers of spider silk curtains. They house offices, private chambers and meeting halls where most affairs of state are conducted. However more reasonable; this view tends to sap the mystery and splendor out of the storytellings, so finds itself pushed to the back of the collective mind in the populace.  

Carrier Catchers

Tuskin Monoliths
Building / Landmark | Jan 15, 2024
Some monoliths are retrofitted with strong lashes, anchors and hoisters to park, load and unload the carriers to directly service the southern cavern cities on the Long Step that are positioned on comparable elevations.

Bridge Ports

Golden Bridge
Building / Landmark | Jun 18, 2020
Anchor points are retrofitted at unevenly spaced points on the bridge to unload and make it easier to deliver to Sheien.


Queen Qak'sol oversaw the final completion of the Golden Bridge to Salt Place and established Oztomecintli to control and regulate the transference of goods across cross border trade routes.

Demography and Population

Most Trusted

Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024
Courtiers follow the instruction of the corn queen. Therefore, the benefit of trust is automatically afforded to high ranking courtiers.
Painted Tribes
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024
Painted men have become so tied into the foundation of Soonous that they are given special status and privileges to put them on par with minor nobles.


Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024
Zealous gardener partisans seasoned in the alignment's terms offer their insights to transport agents crossing the Otoerm-Alignment border overland.
Long Step
Organization | Jun 2, 2024
It is almost an open secret that citizens on the Valley Slopes' Long Step are in cahoots with specialized merchants. It may not be restrictive to commoners either, as suspensions are also directed to Step nobles on occasion.
Mountain Toiks
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024
Toiks are not always aligned with their Alignment masters and have used the Shadow Guard and maize merchants to covertly advance its own causes.



Worship of a divine group of corn siblings: the sons of the goddess Centeōtl and the god Cinteōtl.   Centeōtl is so important in the valley that he is equally revered by the courtiers' friends, as well as their enemies. He is deserved the epithet the Lord of the Seventh Day and the fourth Lord of the Night in the tonalamatl. This grants the merchants a great degree of trust in most places, if the bulk goods they transport is not enough persuade trade.

Trade & Transport

Courtiers discovered that different tides of wind are found at different heights above the valley floor. Along these currents, a daring captain can venture to the Salt Side, over the Floodlands and even chance the Ribs at Giantsfall.   Travel outside the Mais Trade Winds is more unpredictable. The currents that blow in the northern part of Bad Step are less turbulent than over Mais, but they flow in the direction of the lakes. The wider circumference in the Valley of Man leaves less localized pressure which slows the carrier speed and makes it harder.


Mountain Hideouts

White Woman
Settlement | Jan 16, 2024
Iztaccíhuatl's isolated position on the Step between two cracks in the range, is a necessary layover for the balloons to pivot north.
Mountain Blood
Geographic Location | Jul 28, 2020
Long cavernous halls and tunnels is a regular parking spot for three balloons at a time.

Basin Staches

Invisible Run
Geographic Location | Dec 6, 2020
Originating from the top of the Step, this winding and dangerous underground route is used by step smugglers to filter goods the rest of the way into Otoerm Coil.
Atotonilco Abyss
Building / Landmark | Jan 15, 2024
Inhabitants of the abyss store contraband in their homes and old tuskin statue tomes, and deliver them to gangs, corrupt officials, rebels and poor people.

Corn Court
Organization | Jan 15, 2024
Corporation, Commerce
Maize Merchants
Government System
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Accepts a variety of currencies and bartered goods
Major Exports
Raw Materials:
Gold Dust
Several Metals
Cochineal Dye
other salts
Military Service
  Finished Products:
Precious Jewellery
Major Imports
other salts
Foods Stuff
other spices
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Related Professions
Organization Vehicles


Vehicle | Sep 9, 2021
Fifty years prior, a carrier balloon crashed along the Hungry Banks of the Runaways: a series of runoff streams that trickle from the Realms, intersect the Asma and empty into the Rattles.  


Organization | Sep 30, 2021
Import from
Export to
  • Maize
  • Various Metals
  • Various Seeds
  • Jade
Organization | Dec 6, 2020
Import from
Export to
  • Cotton Sheets
  • Cacao
  • Jade
  • Conch Dyes
Shadow Guard
Military Formation | May 14, 2021
Import from
Export to
Organization | May 3, 2024
Import from
Export to
  • Dust Money
  • Unadorned Blankets


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