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Mytenii by the Light



The appointed leadership/governor by Mytenii on the Step in administrating Mytenii by the light.  

Turning Council

After the second Vanilla War, both Myteniis decided to add an advisory body who would consider Step and Sink positions in disputes. These disputes normally revolve around trade, with its members being experts on such matters. They are rotated in and out for a maximum of three terms with each term being a winter year.


Raised Walls

A rolling and uneven barricade made of grass trunks bolted into the ground and covered with mortar and quicklime. There are three lines to this Mytenii's defense. Contrary to military wisdom: the walls grow taller the further away they are from the Bad Step Base. This is blamed on most of the history of the city's management possessing no military training or experience during times of construction.  
Hot Walls
These walls are the oldest in the city and were scavenged from the many sized Hot-rocks that lay naturally on the foundations.  
Warm Walls
The middle walls can still hold defensive value once given enough time to prepare. But as of now, it is largely overtaken with residential homes and shops, and pathway steps that go up and over the warm walls. It gives the impression of a rolling mound that takes up much of the pace between the Hot and Cold walls.  
Cold Walls
The outer most, youngest and tallest of the raised walls. Many conscripted garrisons are stationed near here, who act as security to mark and tax trade goods.

Industry & Trade

Grass Cutting

Mytenii by the Light is the oldest of the Sinks in the Cold Swamp. And because grass trees are so valuable a market, they have managed to push back the forest line considerably which has forced residences to venture into the Deeper Swamp.  


In the beginning, hunting game was the most reliable source to feed the settlement and acquire rare biotic materials such as:
  • Brother Pelts
  • Beetle Shells


Mytenii Pulley

To make transporting goods between the sink and the cavern easier, a series of 32 sub-pulley systems were devised and built into the cold facing side of the Bad Step. They deliver products to different sections that stop on projected platforms and openings to the Mountain Blood cave system, and transported to the next pulley in the line. It has become so famous as a feat of engineering that it is fantasied to be one continuous and undisturbed trip to and from the Sink.


Lightning Lake

Unlike most other Sinks, Mytenii by the Light possesses the easiest access to clean and reliable drinking water. As well as the various fish and birds that cohabit the area.   Capturing these animals, though, is slightly perilous and unnerving for the high probability of random lightning strikes; which kills about 12 persons a year.

Guilds and Factions


It is hard to quantify who would self identify as a separatist given the harshness that is like to respond. But there are a few underground politicians who spread the idea to limited effect.  


Usually, Step families who emigrated to the Sink have vested interests in maintaining the political connection between the two. Or likewise rich Sinklings.

Temple of Learned Arts

Taking neither side, the priests who have ventured on worldly tours teach a range of disciplines to the sons and daughters both the high and low borns; and often times mitigating between the two.


Race to the Bottom

Mytenii on the Step founded Mytenii by the Light as a viable resource gathering strategy to give it a better competitive edge against its cavern rivals. In naming its new colony after itself, Mytenii sought to preempt the inevitable divisions that would arise from the shear distance and the alien environment. Mytenii in the Wet Wilds did distinguish itself from the one on the Step by being designated as "By the Light" in reference to the regular lightning flashes that occur over Lightning Lake.  

Cocao War

When the Toiks of the Sauoomsae ventured to cross Lightning Lake, Mytenii's sinklings offered them transport and supplies without direction from their mother city.  

Vanilla Wars

The issue of secession has risen to such seriousness that two (the first and second) wars have been fought over it. Both ended in defeat, but each time autonomous concessions were given over to pacify the Sink population


Even though Sinks sit in the 'Cold' Swamp, Mytenii, being situated close to the breezeway actually gets the occasional blast of warm moist air. Which, while good in the moment does make the cold that more fridge when it returns. It is also the oldest Sink in the Wilds and throughout its endeavours has removed most of the hot-rocks there are to be moved and has filled in the craters with dirt and gravel on which to build.

Natural Resources

Grass Trees: Hollow trunks are harvested and used in constructing buildings and crafting wands.   Lake water: Mytenii is lucky for having such a large source of water compared to most other Sinks.   Stone Mounds: These structures are so sturdy and resistant to temperature. Folks drive out the stonecutter ants and section off their towers to be taken away for man's own construction. Stonecutters build them from pebbles and dirt mortared with their saliva.   Hot-rocks: Rough and black outcroppings that pile at the foot of the Bad Step having fallen off the mountain face. Hot-rock have high thermal conducting properties that are perfect for constructing in-home stoves but do not emit heat on their own; as shown when they are mined from the ground and lose their heat. However, practically all Hot-rocks were mined or built over and the focus shift to extracting them from the river of life.
Alternative Name(s)
  • Sink of Mytenii
  • Light
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization
Long Step
Organization | Apr 15, 2021

Historical Conflicts

Cocao War
Military Conflict | Mar 29, 2020
Vanilla Wars
Military Conflict | Jul 20, 2020

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Great name, and nice to see an semi in depth look at the cities history and factions. I only wish there was a bit of blurb on what it's like to live or visit Mytenii by the Light.