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Griffon Scouts

Living high in the sky on their floating islands, High Elves are relatively safe from the threats that the surface dwellers face. They aren't completely free of outside threats however and when those threats rear their ugly heads the Griffon Scouts are quick to deal with them.



The Griffon Scouts rise exclusively rides on Griffons. These majestic creatures nest exclusively on the 'Floating Archipelago', and High Elves have tamed them over the centuries. While they are typically used to get from island to island the Griffon Scouts focus on chasing/luring larger beasts away (such as True Dragons), or capturing specimens to study.


When trying to capture live beasts two griffons will hold a large net between themselves and fly above the targeted beast. They'll then drop the net to entangle the creature and pin it to the ground. The riders will then get off, make sure the net is secure and  ready for transport, and the griffons will then grab the net and take off.   When dealing with threats such as dragon the Griffon Scouts will work together to annoy the beast and lead it away from the islands. They'll take turns dive bombing the threat, while the rest distract or stay out of the creature's reach. Eventually the threat will fly away, finding that dealing with the griffons is not worth the effort.


Logistical Support

There are several stables throughout the 'Floating Archipelago' that are dedicated to housing and taking care of the griffons when not on patrol or on a mission. Here they are fed, watered, groomed, and any wounds tended to. The stables also tend to have a few extra rooms to house any scouts that need a quick meal and sleep before their next route or mission.


The Griffon Scouts is mainly run by the government of the 'Floating Archipelago' and a decent amount of their funds come from the taxes the government collects. However the majority of their funds come from the 'College', who pays fees to have the Griffon Scouts escort them to the surface world so they may preform their experiments or capture live specimens for study.
Air Force

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