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Zero cool Patrol

Zero cool Patrol are Tara special informer. They are only given jobs by the high Inquisitor. They are done for using a pistol with a long gated Barrel that shoots a laser. This laser slows down the molecules in the body creating a Frozen like state. Now with Cara genetics being weak to cold it actually causes frostbite Frozen dead body parts. Is a very unpleasant thing to be dealt with. That's why they are only sent out to take on trailers people who threatened the government. They are sent out to handle the most credible of the organizations and the worst of the world but even though they handle very little cases people fear them. Because they are used as the face enforcement unit to remind them that they are around.



There is only 16 of them at one time because there's only 16 guns and the technology or the ability to make them have been lost your time. It was destroyed by its crater the knowledge of how to make it and I are too valuable to done to try even a test a reverse engineering because some of the material is definitely rare even in the cosmos


The zero gun Mike battle armor what's a teal uniform. And Amy martial weapon they desire. With some thermal and UV binoculars


Most of them are given the Sky Cycles to be able to move in and out with their ability to go over things and drive on land


They are giving the best training available they work up from the military brat to space travel to eventually where they have to forget a well-rounded set of training for all types of clothes cop. Fighting they are also trained reading situation assessment and act accordingly they are also given training on multiple vehicles hacking and computers in Cyber attack anything and everything they'll need to find and cashier their target no matter where they are



All our equipment is very well taken care of by the government zero guns now they are handled by the highest technicians possible


Their successor is picked right off the bat as they given their gun they are only kids from the military school and then approved by the high Inquisitor
Special Forces
Overall training Level

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