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Welcome Operative to Nebula United. It is our responsibility to assist representatives from all worlds in conducting proper and beneficial negotiations, as well as learning and understanding one another. It is your responsibility to see, comprehend, and compromise to aid the cosmos. Negotiations, exploration, scientific, discovery, political, and investigation are all jobs that you may be required to perform. These are only the broad strokes of what we do here.

You've been given access to the Nebula Database to assist you succeed in your career. The Nebula Database will help you understand and offer information for all of your journeys. You'll also be helping to update the database, which is always developing. As we all know, the universe is a massive and vast place where new discoveries are made, civilization grows, and the unknown is discovered all the time. This is only part of the work.    

This database includes useful information. There is information on all space-faring species and their core/home world. There is information on all galaxies in known space and the planets that inhabit them. In addition, info on the planets includes resources, creatures,  plant life, settlements, tech level, laws, and more that correspond to the planets. The database also contains extensive technological knowledge, which has been uncovered and shared with Nabula United. Also, the database has been translated into all United Alliance member languages. And you understand it due to the settings you choose.

When you add fresh information to the Date base. Other Operatives will translate it for all known species. So be as clear and succinct as possible when providing both new and updated information. We sincerely appreciate your time and work on this project.

Now go out there and help the universe in all its meaningful ways.