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Welcome Operative to the Nebula United. Here it is our duty to help the representatives from all planets have proper and helpful negotiations and to learn and understand one another. It is your job to see, understand, and compromise to help the universe out. Jobs that you could possibly have to do, negotiations, exploration, scientific, discovery, political, and investigation. These are just a broad outline of what we do here.

To help you to succeed it at your job, you've been granted access to the Nebula Database. The Nebula Database will help you understand and provide you with information for all your missions. You will also be helping update the database because it's ever-growing. As we know the universe is a large and vast place, with new discoveries, civilization keeps growing, and the unknown being discover all time. This is just part of the job.

Things that you can find useful in this database. There is information on all the space traveling species and their core/home world. Information on galaxies and their planets has been found in that part of space. It will also have a variety of information on technology from all over space. This information has been translated into all known languages which you are able to read because of the settings you have put in.

So when you discover or enter new information into the Date base, your fellow Operative will go in and translate it for every known species. So be as clear and concise with all new information as well as the updated info. We do appreciate your time and effort in this endeavor.

Now go out there and help the universe in all its meaningful ways.

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