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Duvin Axe Throwers of Voas

I didn't sign up to fight fanatics!
Ostarian Empire soldier
Some of the most fearsome troops of Duvi's army are the axe throwers. They move steadily towards the enemy screaming and chanting devotions to Voas while throwing their distinctive axes which fly and bounce wildly around the battlefield. Even the throwers don't know where their axes will land, the reason why they are only really used by devotees of Voas. The axes unpredictability along with the units' devotions make them quite intimidating in battle and they have been known to be able to drive some units off the field simply by how intimidating they are.



The axe throwers are made up of devotees to Voas, many of them are also part of Voas's clergy. They tend to be Virsen since Voas is more popular on Virse than Awari . The axe throwers tend to be very loyal and devoted to both Voas and Duvi, so much so that many of their enemies call them fanatics.


The axe throwers wear boiled leather for armour and carry shields. Many wear bronze helmets and other bronze pieces sewn onto leather for extra protection. After all, Voas favors those who tip the odds in their favor. They also carry clay bowls for eating out of, waterskins, materials for starting fires, and holy symbols of Voas.


Their distinctive axes are specifically made to spin wildly when thrown. They can smash through shields, stun enemy soldiers, and even bounce off one soldier to another. They carry swords, axes, maces, or other melee weapons for when they draw close to the enemy.


For every twenty to fourty axe throwers there is one commander who leads the group and ensures discipline. These commanders report to the leader, a spellcasting priest of Voas named Kafru.


While the two forces are approaching each other, the axe throwers are usually at the front, praising their deity and throwing axes while the forces behind them use slings, javelins, bows, or other ranged weapons. It's not uncommon for the entire force to join in the devotions and chant or shout the praises of the other deities as well, especially Atar, Kerali, [/tooltip: deity of destruction] Sasu[/tooltip], and [/tooltip: deity of fate and destiny] Uras[/tooltip]. When the axe throwers come close to an enemy they let infantry run ahead of them to take the fount lines and draw melee weapons to attack.


New recruits to the axe throwers are trained in the proper way to throw the axes. While there's no way to really control the axe it is important that they are able to have the axe go in the intended direction and around the intended height.They are also trained to remember the words of their devotions even in the midst of combat and throwing axes.


Logistical Support

As part of the Duvin army, the axe throwers travel with the army and have access to the large baggage train that follows.


Because of their notoriety, the axe throwers don't really have to seek out recruits. People seeking to join them must have some marital training and must show their devotion to Voas. Many recruits come from the clergy of Voas but plenty are not but who still feel a strong sense of devotion to Voas. If a potential recruit does not have combat experience they are required to be a part of the Duvin army for a time before they are allowed to undergo their training as axe-throwers.


Due to the Virsen's emphasis on adventurousness and a willingness to take risks, Voas is very popular on the island. The form of Voas worshipped rewards those who take initiative and do what they can to shift the odds in their favor. Voas' control over good luck and good fortune is emphasized while bad luck is simply seen as the lack of Voas' favor or the result of competing against someone who is more favored by Voas. As the Ostarian Empire moved further and further into Virse, Duvi planned its retaliation. Priests of Voas angered that their sovereignty had been so weakened. They hoped that through their guidance, the Duvins would be able to reconquer the island. Their distinctive axes which they used during an earlier holy war were used by these priests when they joined the Duvin army. As the axe throwers proved their worth and effectiveness, more people joined, plenty of them weren't priest but instead were devotees of Voas. The Duvin army was able to push the Ostarins back to Virse's Bridge . The axe throwers were hailed as heroes and remain one of the most respected parts of Duvi's military to this day.
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