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Fireball Frigates

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A unit of the Nimýric Empire's navy, known for cannons which fire burning projectiles.



Each ship is manned by approximately 150 people. These include:  
  • 80 soldiers
  • 40 gunners
  • 25 sailors
  • 2 chemists
  • 3 commanding officers


Their signature weapon is the fireball cannon. It uses special ammunition which is ignited upon launch and gradually burns through its outer shell to release additional fuel onto the target.   A single frigate carries a total of 20 cannons, 10 on either side. Every one is manned by four soldiers to aim it, one gunner to fire it and another one to fetch the gunpowder and ammunition.


This division of the navy relies on small frigates, designed for speed and maneuverability.


A fireball frigate is commanded by a navy captain, who is assisted by both a combat commander and a nautical commander. The former is in charge of the soldiers while the latter takes care of the sailors.   On the combat side, the gunners have authority over the regular soldiers. The nautical side is organized around seniority, with more experienced sailors assigning tasks to younger ones.   The chemists who prepare the incendiary ammunition answer directly to the captain. They are usually of the same expertise and ranked equally.


The common strategy is to approach quickly, fire the cannons at the target's vital structures and immediately retreat to a safe distance in case the enemies have ranged weapons of their own. The frigate then keeps evading enemy countermeasures while the flames take care of the rest.



Fireball frigates are often deployed together with larger, more durable battle cruisers.


The earliest known deployment of a fireball frigate was during what the Pereqaiande call "the Incident of 135". Nimýric intelligence had learned that the port city Qùfènicvè played a major role in the recent attacks around the Circular Sea. To protect its western kingdoms, the Empire decided to take this port out of the equation.   A small squadron was dispatched towards Lemoros, providing a distraction for the Pereqaian patrols between Hegaros and Parona so that a single frigate could slip through their lines. Once the port came into range, the frigate targeted its fortifications to prevent the enemy from returning fire. Another round of fireballs was aimed at the wharf and docks. As the primitive wood structures of Qùfènicvè went up in flames, the Nimýrité retreated, outrunning several Pereqaian battleships and sinking two of them in the process.   Without this supply point, the enemy was successfully banished from the Circular Sea for years to come.

Alternative Names
Éichýbanic Lapóbóné
Lia Traharóré (informal)

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Dec 13, 2020 16:52 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

These are terrifying. Fire is such a scary weapon. I'm trying to imagine standing on the shore looking out on these ships and knowing what they contain.   Have there ever been any accidents where the ships themselves have caught fire?

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