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The Unseen

The Unseen are a force of legends. They are myth to most. It is rumored they attack the unjust. Only few have dealt with, or interacted with them. Those that have typically know not to advertise it. Small villages and travelers across the land have claimed to have been protected by them. Unknown to the world is their purpose; They serve to bring the world to a state of equilibrium. They seek to remedy the scars on the world left by the Clash of the Immortals. They also serve to foster the growth of the New Gods.



The number of the Unseen is unknown.


Every member of the Unseen wields a specially built bracer that serves a few functions. One function is to launch darts. This may be used as a weapon but they may also use rope darts to swing or climb if still attached to their bracer. On the underside of the bracer is a mechanism to release powerful smoke pellets.


The primary component on the bracer is a mechanism on top that launches forth a dart. The Unseen each carry a variety of darts, from rope dart, poison darts, and special darts that contain magical elements.  Other than the bracer, members of the Unseen wield a variety of different weapons for close combat.


The one that commands the Unseen is the prophet of Toaa. Other than the prophet, the only others that can issue commands to the Unseen are the Clerics of Toaa. The Corvus is the one in charge of a unit when in the field. A single unit of the Unseen that would be sent on assignment consists of five members, including the Corvus. If more is required more units are added.


Typically the Unseen work by surrounding an enemy force. When an enemy force is not vigilant the Unseen blitz and release smoke to obscure further movement. They then proceed to move through the smoke and eliminate all combatants. When an enemy is more vigilant, a slower approach is taken. The Unseen eliminate any who are momentarily out of view of the main party and begin to stir fear in the ranks by planting the bodies to be found. If in a wooded area, or any area with ledges, they will leave these individuals hanging, either stabbed into a wall or through the use of their rope darts. At a point when the enemy force is frightened and paranoid, they begin to attack in a more aggressive manner. In instances in which there is less cover, the Unseen disorient their enemies by the collective use of magical darts to bombard the enemy with a variety of different effects from fire, lighting, etc. Prior to any engagement, the Unseen send forth a few members to act as spies to gather information including the intended path, a count of how many people will be present, number of guards and their skill level, as well as any other defenses. The Unseen then adjust as needed and wait.


Members of The Unseen are in a constant state of training. When not on assignment, members of the Unseen work to improve or learn a variety of different skills. Common practices for maintaining their skills in combat involve deliberately hunting raiding groups, mercenary groups that primarily work for unjust benefactors, clearing beasts from the vicinity of vulnerable villages. Training in order to become one of the Unseen involves training from a young age. Those chosen are trained from childhood in a variety of skills. They are not taken on any assignment until they turn 18 and demonstrate the necessary skill level.



Those who become members of the Unseen are preordained by the God Toaa. They are taken as children and taught the needed skills. There is no commonality between any that have been chosen.
Covert Ops
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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