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The artillery masters of Lochos.The poliruptors, the city breakers.One of the most prized weapons in Lochos' arsenal.



50 poliruptors are assigned to a Grand battalion as a standard complement.These men are divided into the constituent battalions and command the siege weapons among them the most common the ballistae but they can include catapults of diverse sizes and for the greatest of sieges if any of those grinding engagements can be called that the largest most powerful artillery available pieces: Arachni.These are hybrid machines born of engineering and magical disciplines.


The poliruptors toolset is vast.Some of its components are obvious like the siege weapons' carriages and others less so.First of the tools is a graded spyglass that is used in order to ascertain the distance of a fortification from afar and report intelligence to the Stratosmithos,then comes the drawing board and feather that are used to calculate the angle necessary to strike the target designated by the Stratosmithos.After the calculations are completed the siege cart is pushed into place and calibrated to the exact specifications of the Poliokramiros and his calculations.In order to operate on these parameters the siege cart is a wheeled structure with a platform that bears the weapon itself.The platform is built on a set of geared mechanisms that allows it to elevate and pivot in a precise manner.


The Poliruptors bears the same type of armour and equipment as a Varystratos but without the additional spears and markings that designate them as what they are.Their power derives from their training in manning siege weapons.And these are many and powerful.The ballista is part of a standard Grand battalion's baggage train since it can be used against fortresses and large beings alike due to it's lighter nature (compared to it's companions).However in a specialized siege train catapults of all shapes and forms and armoured rams of diverse design are brought to bear on enemy fortresses.Only in the hardest on sieges is this order of artillery masters necessitated to bring Arachni to the enemy.These terrifying siege monsters harness magic in order to bring nigh unerring fire and death to the enemy.These machines were only brought into thanks to human and dwarf cooperation in the fields of magic and craftsmanship.


The unit is commanded by the Poliokramiros designated by the Stratosmithos who in turn commands the other Poliokramiros who assigned squads that man and command each artillery group.


Initiates are picked either from the Scholeio Eklerkoras or the standing army for their proficiency in the use of projectile weaponry and/or mathematics.Once they are selected they undergo military standard training if they are being recruited by the first institution and the specialized training.This consists of studies of fortress design (historical and contemporary),ballistics and engineering.
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