The Flame Throwers

Uh, why does that group wear such weird clothes, they don't look like guards?
August to Zamarca
  The Flame Throwers is a military unit in Korda headed by The Order of Monsterthorn and only Dragons can be a part of this military unit.  


The Dragons of Idyll have always been able to use Dragon Magic. With this magic, they are able to set things on fire. Way back in the beginning, they used this ability to protect themselves and their kin from the monsters that lurk in this world.   When the Rise of Orders happened, the people in the world had more time to dedicate to learning military strategy, and units like the Flame Throwers were formed within the new Orders.   The Order of Monsterthorn has the most flame thrower units in the world and am also the Order with the best education for them as they have the help of an ancient, Sanzaia.  


While in their bipedal form, the unit members wear sleeveless armor so they will be able to use their arms and hands without anything hindering them when they cast fire. They wear black underclothes and padding made from Dragon fabric under black chain mail. They wear black knee-high leather boots that have been charmed and a black iron helmet. Around their hips they have black leather belts with large pockets handing from them.   On cold days they wear fingerless leather gloves, though, they shouldn't. Those who do get reprimanded by the unit leader.  


They should keep their belt pockets fully stocked with snacks that they can eat quickly during a fight. They also have close combat weapons. Each unit member should have a knife and a short sword with them at all times when they are on duty. The short sword should hang from it's place on the belt and the knife should be worn either on their leg or on their cheast depending on which is easier for the person.  


The 5 members of the units are trained to work together. Two of them should always be casting fire while the other 3 rest. Those in rest are also those who have to keep a lookout for where the fire is going and how it is doing.   When working with other units they do exchanges in tandem.
3 RO
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
5 per unit
Snacks, knife, short sword and armor without sleeves.


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