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Harpoon gunners

The harpoon gunners of the dwarves use are the best supporting unit you can get when hunting anything as large as a dragon. The original use of these harpoons was to kill the dragons deep in their mountain settlements so they could delve deeper. Eventually some mad dwarf was not happy with some costumers leaving dock without paying and used his fathers old harpoon gun from service shooting it into the ironclad ship, or so as the story goes. from then on the harpoon gun was a respected part of the navy as well as on occasion an anti-armor/anti-beast weapon used against other nations.



In general the harpoon gunner is passed around where needed and there is usually 100 to 150 of them in a battalion when they are needed for prolonged warfare


The harpoon units inside a dwarven army is heavily armored so as to ensure safety when harpooning something as well as to kind of ground them more as well.


The harpoon gunner of course has a harpoon gun that is gripped as if it is a minigun from 0ur world where it is more mounted on your hip and held with both hands. they carry two handed and one handed axes in case of disarment


The squads of these dwarves are around 25 and in each battalion they range from 4 squads in a battalion to just a temporary 1 squad coming over for a quick mission. when in the battlefield there is a command structure between the gunners themselves based solely off of seniority and veterancy, other than this they follow those above their rank


The main tactic when they are put on the battlefield is to form up on one side of the beast or armored enemy and control the movement of them when possible
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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