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The "Third Army"

"I spent two hundred and thirty years serving the Republic, only to be thrown away for doing what they trained me to do. You ask me why I fight for money. it is because I have no other skill, and I know no other life."
— Interviews with the unwanted, a study of Republic Exiles.
  The "Third Army" is a mercenary company of superlative skill and fame. It was formed from a core of exiled elves from the Evonian Republic. Although the company accepts recruits from other races potential (none-elven) recruits must still meet the minimum standards of a Republic Legionary to join. Skills which usually require decades of training to absorb.    The unit is famous for its skill and discipline in battle. It is also famous for its brutality in the aftermath. The unit claims that its values reflect the true values of the original Republic; one of a wandering brotherhood of fighters, owning only what they can carry with them.



Due to the harsh requirements for joining and frequent fighting the unit is normally small. Its total size varies, although it is normally somewhere around 500 with some hundred more servants, slaves and other support personnel.


The kit of the Third Army resembles that of the Republic Legionaries. They carry a dragonlock musket allowing for fast and accurate fire. They wear a set of enchanted half-plate with a helmet. They also carry both a bayonet and a short sword. Due to their lack of reliable suppliers and the individualism inherent to their work; the armour, livery and weaponry of the mercenaries are more varied than those of Republic legionaries. But all are required to have some variation of the aforementioned weapons.    The Third Army also employs some artillery of its own. Mostly small horse drawn runeguns.    All legionaries carry a knife for food preparation and other none-combat tasks. They carry a shovel, rations and a dozen other nessecary items for long marches and making camp. The Third Army prefers that its soldiers carry as much of their kit as possible themselves. This in order to speed up marches by having less need for camp followers.
740 IC
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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