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Mazdak's Own

The Mazdak's Own are the renowned and feared mercenary company, lately serving a contract with Adis-Eblar



  • 500 Thureophoroi
  • 100 Kameloi Cataphratii
  • 200 Toxotes Kameloi
  • 150 Hypaspists
  • 2 War Elephants


  • Entrenching Equipment
  • Weaponry

    • Individual Weaponry (3 sets per soldier)
    • 2 Camels Per Cavalrymen


    • 20 wagons for supplies and troop transportation


    the company's infantry are subdivided into four distinct groups, 3 banners of Thureophoroi
    • The Nicatores: 100 Ruthless and Agressive Desert Tribesmen from the scorching lands of Himyar,  equipped in the revolutionary exodite style
    • The Spice Guard: 150  ex caravan guards, equipped in the same spirit, only with better armour and Thureos
    • The Hampfsah: 250 down on their luck , runaway, fugitive, exiled, or some other sort of lowlife, receiving meagre pay, but motivated by the hope of advancing into the ranks of the Toxotes Kameloi
    • The Agema: the 150 Hypaspists that form the backbone of the company, donning the heaviest avaliable armour, and flaunting rigorous discipline.


    The company uses a curious battlefield tactic, relying a great deal on the camels of their cavalry. Customarily they begin the batltle by sending the camel mounted archers to skirmish, creating disorder in the enemy ranks and goading their cavalry into pursuing the archers, who in turn, manouveur in a way, that allows the heavy Kameloi to counter charge the foe, breaking the integrity of their formation by the impetous of their charge, and the unique trait of horses, whom are generally turned skittish when smelling camels.,  At this point the Hillmen charge into the cavalry, while the kameloi disengage.
    Meanwhile the Hampfsah engages the main enemy force of infantry, using their disorganized nature to cause as much chaos as possible, and tie the bulk of the enemy units down, so the elite force can utilize a hammer and anvil tactic to deliver the coup de grace


    Different ranks of the troops to different degrees, but with the exception of the Hampfsah, soldiers are drilled rigorously, more seniour soldiers acting as mentors to their inexperienced comrades in arms.


    Logistical Support

    the company sports 300 strong and healthy mules, as well as 20 wagons, which are used to carry spare equipment,  supplies for about a month for the entire company, and a moderate amount of feed for the pack animals and mounts.


    • 6 Sa-gig siege engineers and their servants acquired during a campaign to Pasargadae.


    The company serves under contracts that are projected to take three years (negotiating mid service, if that timespan appears to be insufficent to bring the campaign to a halt.) And they enlist for the price of roughly 130 Drachmae, in addition to plunde rights, and supplies for the duration of the contract.


    Although anyone can enlist, the company returns home to the Mazdekite Penninsula, and through a string of well-connected agents finds the ideal recruits on their native territory


    Originally a group of caravan hands, who while serving near  Zagros, defeated a raiding party of the hill tribes, who concluded that with the prisoners they took they could their own mercenary company began it career some twenty odd years ago, initially performing menial tasks for nobodies, but through luck, cunning, ruthlesness, and a willingness to bleed built a respectable reputation for themselves, great enough that one of the Sa-gig Kings enlisted their help in the utterly destructive civil war engulfing the area at the time. Serving for the full length of the war, on various sides, oppurtinistically siding with the person most likely to pay their dues, the company spent ten years in the forges of war, and came tempered and strong. After a short hiatus and restructuring their ranks, the newly world-famous mercenaries enlisted to the highest bidder, the merchant barons of Adis-Eblar in the year of 537.

    Historical loyalties

    Experts and framing contracts in a way that always leaves a legal backdoor for the company to slip out without reprisal, they nevertheless provide a fiercely loyal fighting force, as long as their employer keeps their needs in sight and pays on time.
    Overall training Level
    Assumed Veterancy

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