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Written by RiverFang

Brilliant flames of purple, blue, orange, and pink scatter across a battlefield, alighting the faces of the opposing armies in flickering shades. A quick word, barked in the delicate cadence of Elvish, alights another shimmering ball of flame before it impacts the ground in a raging inferno. These flames burn like the breath of a great Dragon, inflicting harm in the ways determined by their colors. The shimmering rainbow of flames is a dangerous sight, marking the unique sign of an elite group, one that few ever wish to see.   Another orange ball of fire shatters against the ground, leaving a hiss as the raging flames turn into a spreading mass of lava, burning the ground as it moves slowly across the landscape. Overhead, a swirling mass of green flame dissipates into a hovering cloud of poison, choking those that had not run from the burning ground below. These treacherous weapons are the specialties of the Liorateh, the Dragons of Clipped Wings of the Elven Kingdom. These are the mages you wish to never see on the battlefield opposing you.   These mages are elites, honored casters that have gained the necessary knowledge and experience to use the extreme magic that is required. The spells they speak, roughly in the delicate language of the Elves, must harness the powers of the Dragons, twisting their magic into the perfect replica of some of the most difficult and beautiful magic in the world.



A single unit of the Liorateh can range in size from six to a hundred depending on the situation. Each of the members often specializes in the breath weapon of at least four of the colors of Dragons, allowing them a large arsenal without being targeting for only using a single type.


Due to the use of magic, this unit requires little in the way of equipment. Even so, each member carries a highly altered item that allows them to replenish their energy when the casting has become too burdensome. This item is only utilized by this unit so the specifications of it are kept secret.


The greatest weapon of the Liorateh is the variety of breath weapons that they can emulate. An entire formation of the Liorateh should be able to replicate the traits of all twenty-four varieties of Dragons with relative ease and in quick succession. Each caster specializes in at least four types allowing for relatively small units with extreme breadth in their arsenal.


Oftentimes, these units are hidden through illusions created by other casters or hidden behind larger units that utilize shields. If this is not possible, the Liorateh may utilize another specialty of the Elves known as Sorcerer Carpets that allow them to take to the skies and safety.


Each small unit of the Liorateh has their own commander, a caster that is not only well-trained and honored, but this commander is someone that has proven time and again that their magic is nearly on par with that of an ancient Dragon. These individuals are considered the elite of the elite, but their prowess in battle has been tested alongside their leadership.


This unit thrives off the concept of surprise and the ability to fire bomb any of their enemies through sheer numbers of spell cast. While this unit stays in defensive positions and are protected by other units, their main focus is offensive, constantly bombarding the enemy with an array of spells and combining effects such as lava and poison to drive back or disarm the enemy when possible.


Those that join the Liorateh must prove themselves as adept mages before they are allowed to join this elite group. High level magic and great stamina are a necessary requirement of the Liorateh so the unit often prefers those that are battle tested and already beyond proficient in a variety of magic and spells.   After being selected, the training of the Liorateh is rigorous, requiring years to master as well as a calm and uncluttered mind to handle. The training process is kept secret, but many that are selected to join the ranks of the Liorateh do not complete the training.
15 E.A.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by
Other Names
Dragons of Clipped Wings


The history of the Liorateh goes back to the early days of the Eldritch War, when the races of Isekai were attempting to figure out how best to deal with the Eldritch horrors that had been summoned upon their world. The spellcasters of the Elven Kingdom spent many hours creating spells that often had little to no effect on the creatures, but a breakthrough came when one of the many casters witnesses one of the Metallic Dragons fighting the creature.   The breath weapons of Dragons have special magical properties due to their powers. The Elves believed they could replicate the breath weapons, but it would require a well-trained caster to be able to utilize the power. So the Liorateh was organized, early on as a testing group for the new spells that the Unending Scroll was developing, but soon they would become one of the most important units during the war.   After a few years of development, the spells of the Elves were ready and the initial unit of the Liorateh was created, sent out against one of the smaller Eldritch horrors in order to test the power of their spells. The battle raged for hours, but the Elves easily kept up, burning through their stamina as they burned through the horror before them.   When the war ended, the Liorateh were no longer necessary, as their powers were beyond most things, other than the Dragons. It was decided that instead of disbanding, the unit would continue in secret, training and developing their skills in case the Eldritch horrors or something similar ever returned.  

Cover image: Organizations Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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