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Language of the Elves

A widely spoken language that is considered one of the most beautiful, used primarily in songs, poems, and pieces meant for entertainment. Speakers of this language are generally Elves or have a relation to them in some way but due to their close relation, many Fey creatures also speak Elvish. The script for Elvish uses sweeping motions and is meant to be aesthetically pleasing so that it can adorn jewelry, ceremonial weaponry, and architecture.   The earliest appearance of this language is traced back to when the Elves appeared on Isekai, even this far back in history they were fascinated with the world and with learning all things which led them to learn the language of their cousins the Ancient Fey. The Elvish language a similar script to the Sylvan language as both were created by the Elves, the words of the Elder Fey, but the script was actually created by the Elves. While the Ancient Fey were incredible explorers they did not have an interest in written history nor did the see the need to record things like the Dragons or the Djinn or the Sphinxes. Because of this, the Elvish script is also the script used for the Sylvan language and it became widely used as an aesthetically pleasing language in both its spoken and written form. This language has a large presence in the Wandering Forest, on the Northern Continent of Isekai and to a smaller extent on the Southern Continent.   The advantages of speaking this language are that many ancient ruins from the Wandering Forest, a variety of magic spells, and creatures have adopted the language to include many of the Ancient Fey. If you speak and read this language fluently you are often considered to be a cultured and knowledgeable person. Regionally, you may find acceptance with Elves, Fairies, and other Fey creatures if you are able to speak this language. There is no particular disadvantage to speaking this language unless you interact with Orc Cultures, generally, Orcs are aggressive and choose to attack almost all other types of creatures but those that speak Elvish seem to infuriate them more than normal.

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Sep 20, 2021 22:59 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I only noticed this because I just read the Sylvan article, but it says 'Because of this, the Elvish script is also the script used for the Sylvan language.' But between the two articles the scripts are not the same. Just thought I'd let you know. :)   Sounds like it is quite advantageous to speak Elvish.

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