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Language of the Fey

Sylvan is the first language to be spoken by a creature on Isekai, it was the original language of the Ancient Fey and permeates nearly every corner of the world through the many descendants of the Ancient Fey as they spread throughout the world. Speakers of this language are often Fey creatures, Elves, Fairies or they live in close proximity to and are friendly with the mentioned races. The script for Sylvan came much later and was created by the Elves but quickly became used by the Fey because of its beauty and fluid writing method.   The earliest appearance of this language is undisputed and corroborated by notable scholars of the Dragon race, it appeared with the first of the Ancient Fey that were created by the goddess Lycana. The Sylvan language is spoken in a high tone, lightly moving from word to word, and seldom pauses for long even in between sentences. The language is very good at conveying emotions, persons, and scenery but struggles with concrete concepts like measurements and concepts that are not expressed in nature. This goes back to the race that spoke it as they were enthralled with exploration and with all things in the natural world but desired little in the way of crafting or building structures. This language has a large presence in the Wandering Forest and by extension, many parts of the world will have a speaker whether it manifests through a relation of the Fey like Elves or a more direct descendant.   The advantages of speaking this language are that many ancient beings that still live today will recognize the language and may have an interest in conversing with you. In some areas like the Wandering Forest, a language like Common is treated as little other than gibberish and promptly ignored, if you do not speak Sylvan or another language that is native to the area you may find yourself treated more like scenery than an intelligent creature. The teaching of this language is popular among nobles and diplomats but it is spoken as the main language in regions like the Wandering Forest and the Fairy King's Wood. Speaking this language will usually garner you respect among people of high society and will identify you as someone that respects nature in the presence of creatures like Dragons and Fairies.

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Sep 20, 2021 22:55 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I bet this sounds beautiful when spoken. The way you describe it, it seems quite a lyrical language.

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