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Ancient Fey

Mystical Folk

Flashes of brightly colored cloth flicker across the vision like falling leaves in a forest that changes colors and seasons daily, changing to fit the whim of magic beyond what many can comprehend. Here in this wonderland, one may find some of the oldest beings in Isekai, but the Ancient Fey are known to be fickle and ever-changing to fit a fleeting emotion. Amongst the fluid landscapes of the Wandering Forest, the Ancient Fey make their homes, outside the land of comprehension and mortals.   The Ancient Fey are the oldest creatures in all of Isekai and their descendants are numerous. It is said that the goddess Lycana made them with the intent of watching them explore and experience all the world had to offer. Their role in the Eldritch War was a primal one as they seemed to ignore the existence of the Eldritch creatures until they touched and sapped the strength of the Wandering Forest in various areas. At that point, the Ancient Fey responded like the immune system of the world and greatly weakened the monsters, though they paid dearly for their intervention and some areas of the Wandering Forest are lost forever. The Ancient Fey are emotional creatures that vary far more than any in Isekai in temperament, shape, and powers allotted to them, but they are sources of vast experience and magical might that few creatures of even the Divine Races can hope to match.   Currently, they reside almost exclusively within the Wandering Forest and Lost Paths. The most powerful of the Ancient Fey claim areas to themselves and make small kingdoms as they divide up the world. They are considered almost godlike in these areas, changing the weather and geography with whims as slight as a mood swing. A well-known member of their race is a being that is five generations from the first of the Ancient Fey, an early member of the Fairy race known as Festival Snix the Fairy King. He qualifies as an Ancient Fey due to his emergence in the world far before the actual race of Fairies.

Basic Information


The Ancient Fey are a species that cares the least about the restraints of anatomy and physiology. They are beings that are almost completely made up of natural magic, because of this their forms are mutable to their whim in almost every case until they find the form that suits them for a time. Because their bodies are made of magic they have an incredible resistance to it and have been seen as completely impossible to charm, mindread, or even divine many things about them using magic. Some of the Ancient Fey take on a humanoid form or that of an animal or a plant, or something completely reactive to their environment or intangible to the physical world. The possibilities of Ancient Fey physiology are limitless and seem to be dictated by conscious, evolutionary choices made by the individual creature.   Their descendants are varied and show that there are no true rules to Fey physiology as things that range from Centaurs, Elves, Goblinoids, Giants, Will-o-wisps and even Kelpies all share a relation to the Ancient Fey. Though it does seem that once a descendant branches off far enough from the Ancient Fey, they tend to lose the overwhelming composition of magic and settle into a more physical form, and are classified as a different race entirely.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Ancient Fey have no social structure to speak of, outside of whatever structure they may establish in their own domain. This race is heavily emotional, constantly changing their surroundings and appearance whenever it fancies them. Often, this has led to the Ancient Fey being termed unpredictable as to many outsiders, there seems to be little reason for anything they do.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Ancient Fey are known for immense magical power, the most accurate description of them has been noted as "creatures that are completely made of wild magic, it shapes them and they act as a liquid that perfectly responds to it."   There are innumerable varieties of the Ancient Fey, they have evolved and changed over the course of time to suit their environment and their whims. Their natural habitat, the Wandering Forest, has helped in this immensely as it serves to be a perfect conduit for their magical power. At this time it is unknown whether the Wandering Forest is a natural environment that makes emotion into reality because of its concentration of magical energy or whether the existence of the Ancient Fey caused the Wandering Forest to become what it is today. Regardless, these creatures can possess nearly any form and natural ability to be imagined, they are akin to the creatures of dreams and in some cases nightmares and they are almost completely made of magical energy. The fact that their form is mutable, changeable, and inconsistent is one of the only uniting physical characteristics that this species shares. The fact that they are beings of almost pure magic means that they often can dictate their own form and appearance to an incredible degree.   The standard traits associated with the Ancient Fey are vast age, a near immunity to most types of magic in their own realm, and limitless stamina that allows them to forgo sleeping, eating, and breathing should they choose to. They also seem to be immune to the passage of time and any attempt to cast them back in time or magically age them fails quite pitifully. The Ancient Fey also seem to possess incredible sensory capabilities that allow them to see naturally in almost any condition as if they had blindsight, particularly powerful members of this race have been noted to have a complete awareness of all happenings within their declared 'domain.'
The Ancient Fey are much like the Wandering Forest that they call home, ever changing and without a singular set form. Both change with their whims, wandering towards whatever suits their fancy,
Immune to Age, Effectively Immortal
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Feb 11, 2020 08:36

What do they look like? Am I blind and just missing that part? :O

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Feb 11, 2020 18:37

The Ancient Fey have no set shape or distinct features. They are also not a player race. Some may take the form of Elves, humanoid creatures, animals, monsters, spirits or plants. Their form can change based on their mood, creatures like nature spirits, elves and fairies are distant descendants.

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