The Bellows

The Bellows is a shock force employed by the Saldragon Princedom, primarily in conflict against the Disciples of Drethe, although they have been leveraged against invading forces since the Splintering began.   They are most notable for their unique weapons, a large flame-throwing bag (called a Gut) that can shoot jets of fire up to 30 feet and are capable of obliterating enemy forces and defenses alike.



5 per Gut, typically 10-12 Guts in active duty.


The Gut

Originally made from the belly of a dragon, the Gut is the primary weapon used by the Bellows. They are often artificially created now, but still carry out the desired impact. A Gut is an enormous pouch storing the fire of dragons. It is pressed down, and fire spews forth from it, striking enemy formations, barricades, the general landscape, etc. This fire has a coating effect to whatever it touches (much like oil), burning for far longer than it should and spreading easily to surrounding obstacles.   Guts made from actual Dragon bellies (there are still two left in the Bellows) carry the toxic effect of actual Dragonfire, resulting in death to most burned by its flames... even if the Burning would not be life-threatening on its own.


Typically sent in first into combats, the Bellows are shock forces capable of rapidly decimating enemy front-lines and cracking into fortifications.


The Bellows require extra training as a failed operation on a Gut can result in a very messy ignition of your own troops and front lines. Men often train for several months before being allowed into combat as part of the Bellows.


There is one name that tends to come to people's minds when considering the great dragon-hunters of Altan'ruhl, but he was not the only one. When considering the threat dragons posed to the Saldragon Princedom, it is only natural other tales were told and other strategies were utilized.   Aron of Grafholme was a lesser known hero that traveled north into Saldragon to find his fame and fortune. Although his career of slaying dragons did not last long, his legacy has endured from his prize. Aron harvested the belly of a dragon and noted that the fire a dragon created could be perpetuated and recreated, even after the dragon's death. He was able to slay and successfully collect 3 different bellies, and discovered a way to weaponize them for his own mercenary use.   Although ineffective in hunting other dragons, these Guts were often very effective against bandits and other threats.

Historical loyalties

Although this military unit spawned as an idea from a man from Grafholme, the Bellows were first created by the Saldragon princedom as a weapon to use against the Disciples of Drethe.
Overall training Level


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