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Advanced Striker Unit

The Advanced Striker Unit, or ASU, is a magic ranged used by the Kaigan military. These combat mages fight with throwing weapons that are magically tethered to their gloves, allowing them to manipulate the movement of these weapons over short or medium distances.


The Kaigan military has currently about four ASUs at their disposal. Each Unit holds about five soldiers and is lead by a sergeant. In general ASUs work seperately from each other. They often work together with other long range units or melee units to control a large part of the battlefield.


ASUs fight over short to medium range which is preferably a distance of 40ft to 80ft orbitting around themselves. It can be used at shorter range, but this is often not prefered. ASU mages are generally positioned behind the melee units and in front of the long range support and weave their weapons in and out of the enemy ranks.   Because of the precision highly trained ASU mages have, there have been instances where ASU mages were dispached to perform highly specialised assassinations in crowds. In these situations ASU mages are stationed in a higher vantage point so they have a clear overview of the situation.


ASU mages are trained at The Gallowyn Institute for Martial and Arcane Training. Here they get both magic and martial training to prepare them for battles. Their magic training mainly focusses on bonding their own equipment and very precise magic control. Melee training is done so the mages are also equiped to use their weapons when the enemy comes to close and allows for higher survivability.   Within mages first begin ASU training, they are trained to use all kinds of weapons, giving them a good base if they ever need to switch weapons. Older students often choose one or two weapons to focus on and specialise in. Besides training with different throwing weapons, they also learn how to wield a melee weapon that they often carry in case of emergencies. This is not always the case and some mages learn how to use their throwing weapons in melee combat.
Overall training Level
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Each ASU combat mage has three distinct pieces of equipment, gloves, weapons and goggles.


ASU gloves are enchanted to be magically connected to their weapons. One weapon is linked to one glove, allowing the mage to control two weapons at a time. This bond allowes the ASU mage to move and manipulate the weapon by moving their hands.


Most ASU mages use common throwing weapons like daggers, kunais, shurikens or chakrams. Larger weapons like daggers or chakrams move a bit slower than kunais or shurikens, but tend to have more impact. Most mages work with two of the same weapons, but this is not required. Weapons can be swapped to blunt ones if the assault needs to be non-lethal.


These magic goggles are calibrated to show a magic signal where the weapons are, allowing the ASU combat mages to see their weapons over logner distances and have an easier time manipulating them.

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