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The Fever Mounds of Glimmertown

Glimmertown has many defences, the most legendary are the dreaded Fever Mounds.  These slow-moving hulks of rotting vegetation get their name from the debilitating fevers they bring down upon their enemies.  While the Mounds are not particularly dangerous to those native to The Ferment, they are exceedingly dangerous to any outside force foolish enough to seek their sights on invasion.     Legends talk of entire armies have being routed within minutes.  This fearsome reputation is probably the greatest element of all of Glimmertown's defences.



Exact numbers are unknown, but visitors to Glimmertown have reported at least 200 circle the towns perimeters.  There may be many more across the wider Ferment.


The Fever Mounds primary offensive weapon are the hundred, if not thousands, of rotting fruit-like sacs they grow deep within their bodies. These sacs glisten with mucous and are filled with a viscous fluid and bubbling gases. When in battle, a Mound will reach into its body with their many sinewy vine-like appendages, and hurl their sacs up to distances of hundreds of feet in a great frenzy of whipping vines. The sacs explode on contact in great splashes of liquid and clouds of fumes.   The most immediate effect on their enemies is the acid from the viscous liquid that sticks to its targets and burns and corrodes both flesh and metals.   The more dangerous effects follow however, as the gases that are released turn the invaders minds against themselves. The gasses cause a fever-like delirium in non-plant-based life. This fever takes hold on the invaders within moments, with hallucinations and fear running rampant. Seasoned soldiers will fall catatonic, flee screaming, or even turn apon each other in a mindless frenzy.


it is rumoured that the Fever Mounds receive their orders directly from the Glimmertown hive mind, or through the network of spores.  However it works, the creatures respond quickly and in unison to any threat.


While primarily a defensive measure, the Mounds can be mobilised - albeit very slowly. There have been many reports of unfortunate bands of settlers or bandits seeking to establish new towns or clearing farmland at the edges of the Ferment, who have been over-run by Mounds attacking from the swamps. Babbling survivors tell of harrowing escapes as the very marshes erupted upon them with terrors beyond comprehension.
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