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The Ferment

Vast area of swamps, mangroves and fungal forests where the Spore Minds of Glimmertown rule.   The landscape of the Ferment is dominated by a rainforest canopy of trees with broad leaves of deep green and purple which towers above undulating and dense fungal forests. These are laced with a chaotic network of meandering rivers, and steaming swamps which transition to dark mangroves and silt-ridden deltas along the north and shadowside coasts.   The vast forest of the Ferment is broken here and there by islands of rocky ridges and the foothills of the Boneyard mountains to Sunside and the Darkspires to the south.  

The Greensea

the very tops of the trees that tower above the ferment, open to the twilit sky in the shadows of the Boneyard mountains. The Greensea is the home of myriad of bird and insect life that dip into the Lumins to feed.   Vast areas of the Greensea are controlled by the Greencrest Venari, a bird-like bloodforged species who operate in small family tribes across the Greensea. Their villages of nest-like structures sit at the tops of the tallest trees, and across upper branches of the Lumins. They are fiercely territorial, and often skirmish with each other across the Greensea. Many have formed alliances with Spore Minds of the Zylem Wells and act as the first arial defences for the settlements far below.

The Lumins

The dappled layer of upper branches and trunks, flowering vines just beneath the greansea. This is where the Venari raise their young, and store their belongings in many caches across the trees.  


The deep gloomy mass of fruiting fungal platforms that hold the soils and roots of the trees above and protect the lower levels. The landscape becomes a rolling expanse of huge mushroom caps, broken by frilly layered cliffs and the twisting roots, towering stalks and trunks of the trees above. Glowing spores float lazily through the still air.  

Zylem Wells

The ground of Pillia is broken by the hug mouths of the Zylem Wells that drop into the depths of Abscula. The huge vertical chambers that house major nodes of consciousness in the network and are the primary thoroughfares between the layers of the Ferment.   These locations are nexus points for trade between the upper and lower layers of the ferment, and many have grown complex settlements around and aobove them. The largest of these is known as Glimmertown and considered the unofficial capital of the Ferment.  

The Abscula

Below the rolling caps and frills of Pillia, lies the seemingly endless chaotic tangle of fungal walls and twisting tunnels that are broken up by the Zylem Wells. It averaged about 20 meters deep. in places, the Abscula is rumoured to be 100s of metres deep, while in the shallows, the bedrock of the earth rises through like islands.   The network is tight and twisting, chaotic and almost impossible for outsiders to navigate. It mostly existis in pure darkness, but phosporescent life forms and gases are common.   The Abscula is comprised of a number or key parts:

Scula tunnels:

This is the fungal network of chaotic branches and tunnels connecting the Zylem Wells.


These are the threshold gates between the Abscula and the lower layers of the ferment. They concentrate the various fungal and bacterial lifeforms that transition the resources and chemicals up and down the layers.  

Rotting depths

Below the Asbscula lies the dark and rotting mass of fluids, gasses and organic matter known as the Rotting Depths. Material that falls through from the layers above, and from the the bottoms of the Zylem Wells is decomposed in the dark.   There is no permanent structure to the Rotting Depths, as the matter, fluids and gasses are all in constant churning motion. Heated gasses rise through it from below in vast eruptions of methane and sulphur, and swarms of formless creatures devour and reconstitute the organics that fall from above.  


Below the Rotting depths, lies the fractured bedrock of the Ferment. Vast volcanic vents of steam and lava erupt from the core of the planet. This is what gives the Ferment its consciousness and energy as the Uhd found in the planets core seeps into the gasses and materials that rise to feed the organics above.


Samps, mangroves and fungal forests.  Gloomy and wet, but warmed by underground vents and the warm ocean current brought in from the Golden Tides to the north.

Fauna & Flora

Funagal forests, giant insects, bugs, arachnids, worms

Natural Resources

Medicines, hallucinogens, fungal-based materials like woods for construction and leathers for clothing and armor
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