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After the Destruction, many of the surviving Deepkin emerged from the collapsed Hollow Earth to live again on the surface – on Shadowside, to the north-east of Reverence Bay, in a city of spires called Deepmot.   Many Deepkin remain living underground, clinging to the traditional ways, and a growing schism is brewing with some noble families of Deepmot secretly yearning for the old days, fearing a reawakening of the Elder Gods. They plot to overthrow the powerful Vengassi clan, reclaim their abcient homes in the Hollow Earth.  

The Empress of Deepmot

Nolno Vengassi is the current empress of Novalucca. She is the matriarch of the Vengassi clan, and grand-daughter of Nerida Vengassi – who was the matriarch who led the Deepkin to the surface to found Deepmot after the collapse of the Hollow Earth in the years following the Destruction.
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