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Nolno Vengassi

Empress of Deepmot and grand-daughter of Nerida Vengassi, who led the surviving Deepkin to the surface world after the Hollow Earth collapsed during the Destruction.   Nolno has no daughters, but had two sons. The sons married powerful drow women from the Ulrot and Kyzen clans, the two chief powers amongst the drow.   Oldest son: Zadimus Vengassi married Carmine Ulrot, and their daughter Gwenzizzi Ulrot-Vengassi (Gwen ) is in line to the throne. However, Gwen has fled the homeland of Deepmot and her whearabouts are unknown.   Nolno's younger son: Kyor Vengassi has scandalously married Lucrezzia Kyzen who is now a rival claimant to be heir to the dynasty.   This confusion about who will take over the throne upon Nolno's death has stirred up opposition and hopeful claimants to the throne from rival clans of the Deepkin. Most noteable is Mallazar Kyzen, the matriarch of the powerful Kyzen clan. Malazar is using the marriage between her neice Lucrezzia, and Kyor, as her leverage in the power struggle.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2312 AD 679 Years old
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations


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