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Motu is the western most island of Uferbrech , and home to the surviving clans of the Islander Goblins, led by the Mothers of Motu


Like the other islands of Uferbrech, the island is dominated by harsh mountains and volcanos surrounded by slabs of volcanic rock.  The island sits at the western edge of the shallow seas of Uferbrech, with dark cliff faces crumbling into the sea towards Shadowside.   Sunside of the island is protected by extensive reefs from the deeper ocean. These reefs are the Eastern end of the huge chain of reefs and underwater mountains that are known as The Tangled Fathoms.


The island is the most sunward of the Uferbrech chain, and constantly bathed in a low light of sun.  The Eastern slopes lie in shadow, but warm enough to sustain low shrubs and tangled trees.  Sunside of the mountains are an expanse of sub-tropical rainforests in the lowlands and hardwood temperate forests higher up.   The Motu Goblins farm the western most slopes - carving out terraced gardens to cultivate their crops.  These include plethora of fruits, vegetables and grains of many kinds.   Fishing still dominates, with the coean-going Motu adept at both shallow and deep-water hunting and gathering of see creatures both large and small.

Ecosystem Cycles

Like all the lands on Shadowfire this close the equator, the huge tidal range caused by the two moons is the dominant cyclical force.

Natural Resources

Seafood and fish Kelp farmed on the shallow seas for food and construction Hardwood trees for timber Tropical fruits and root vegetables


The Goblin kin were dispossessed from the other islands by the forces of the Protectorates based at Omberstad and Badenton but have managed to continue their ways, protected in part by their long relationship with the underwater peoples of The Tangled Fathoms.   Originally the Islander Goblins were spread across the entire Uferbrech island chain, as an interconnected web of independent family clans, worshipping and protecting the ruins of the old city in the centre of the sea.  The clans lived relatively separately, and their independence from each other drove a competitiveness that would at times erupt in small conflicts and skirmishes.   When the the Protectorates discovered the area and set about plunder of the ruins, the tribes were initially dismayed and caught unawares - the Protectorates taking advantage of their relative disorganisation.  Over the space of two generations  - about 80years - the tribes were driven South and West, and eventually regrouped at Motu.     The conflict served as a call for the tribes to work together, and the first of the Mothers of Motu united the clans in defence of their islands and the ruins.       They have fought ongoing guerilla-style warfare with the Protectorates and their allies now for well over 300 years.
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