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Camp Thrifty

The main image that people have of Camp Thrifty is that of a lawless shanty town filled with fortune hunters, smugglers and illicit tomb raiders intent on plundering the ruins of Uferbrech. And while this is essentially true, there is much more to Camp Thrifty than just piracy.   The town sits at the mouth of Miresend Creek on the Sunside edge of Tokaru, and at the southern edge of Echo Flats. The creek trickles out between low dunes and mangroves, and the large tides of the Uferbrech Archipelog retreat every 3 months to reveal wide expanses of mud and shallow reefs.   The bay has a number of larger islands, which are little more than sandbanks, but enough to keep two wooden forts that serve as the main protection to the Camp. Between these runs a channel known as The Dredgeway that allows fort year-round access from deep waters beyond the reef to The Tethers where goods are loaded and unload, or to the Spindrift, where the majority of the town's itinerant population sleeps in their boats and rafts upon the shallow waters.   The centre of the Camp is dominated by a rocky outcropping that rises above the mud and silt at the mouth of the creek. Referred to as Thrift Rock, this is where the small number of permanent buildings sits. This includes the Coinyard, the local vault which secures the weakth that changes hands in town, and also ironically doubles as the local jailhouse.  

Party town

There are two local establishments, both known for debauchery and shenanigans, called the The Pious Fool and The Skull and Duggery. The two venues have a friendly rivalry, and in most cases, the revelry will continue unabted between the two establishments and across the many private parties on beach or upon the water.   Most hours of the day will see people actively partying in Camp Trhifty, but it goes into overdrive every 3 months during the Moontide trials.


Camp Thrifty is run by a collection of individuals who were suggested by their peers.  It isn't quite meriticracy, nor a democracy, nor an autocracy, but a chaotic shambles of all three.  The organisation given to governing is known as The Trusted Few, and the two most respected members are Tasido Diamond  and Camp Thrifty;'s founder Argenti Mirantor.


Two wooden forts are built above the waters of the bay, on either side of the Dredgeway.  The Trusted Few will provide people to gaurd the towers according to an ever changing roster.  They are there to sound alarm if any invading forces are detected.  There are no clear defences other than that.  If the alarm is sounded, its every person for themselves.

Guilds and Factions


Camp Thrifty came together as a temporary hiding place for smugglers and pirates, and over the years developed into a semi-permanent campsite.  Argenti Mirantor is credited as the official founder, when whe secured agreement with the Protectorates during the invasion of Tokaru to keep the Camp as an official neutral ground in the ongoing wars.   The camp became a relatively secure place of refuge for survivors of the Fall of Tokaru, and many of the Motu who made a new home there have intergrated uneasily within the community.


Most of the Camp is made from temporary shelters - tents or simple wooden forts and warehouses.  The exception is the Coinyard, which is made from stone and strong foundations atop Thrift Rock.   In recent years, the other obvious exception is the suddent and mysterious appearance of The Dart  on the southern bluff.


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