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The Pilons

High above the waters of the Blackpool rise the Pilons, the two main pillars of rock that dominate the port of Omberstad. Atop the smaller of these sits a large crane, known only as the Claw, which is used to load and unload the ships that pull into dock.   The huge tides caused by the two moons means that during low tide, the cliffs of the Pilons will tower nearly 15 metres above the water, while at high tide, the distance is reduced to a mere five metres. The docks themselves are not fixed to the cliff-faces, but are floating pontoons that rise and fall up the face of the Pilons as needed. The Claw allows for the effective movement of goods no matter the extent of the tide at the time.   Th Claw can reach directly from berthed docs to the larger of the Pilons which acts as a marshalling yard for carts and wagons to collect the goods and take directly to the many wharehouses that line the tops of the cliffs along The Promenade.   The Pilons are connected to each other, and the main cliffs by strong reinforced rock bridges. The floating pontoons are reached by a haphazzard array of ladders, ropes and netting that criss-cross the sides of the Pilons.   The Master of the Blackpool is Janus Wade. Janus is under direct employ by the Icerunners Guild, and it is his responsibility to manage the movement of ships in and out of the small port - a task that is made dangerous during the surging of the tides every 2 weeks.   Berths at the Pilons are few and hotly contested. While the business of the Blackpool is on the face of it highly regulated, there is much bribery and corruption, especially from the members of The Icerunners Guild , who use their immense wealth and influence to essentially run the Pilons as their own personal dock.   Other companies and private ships must usually content themselves with using the less easily access docks along the main cliffs of the harbour - which are much less safe. Only those who can pay the Guild for membership, or bribe Janus directly, are able to make berth at the Pilons themselves.
Town map of Omberstad, port village and fort on the island Tokaru.
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