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The Uferbrech Tutelage

Referred to by the residents of Omberstad as The Crib, The Tutelage is the local arm of The Academy of the Protectorates. It is where the children of the island identified through The Choosing are housed and cared for during their education.   The building is an imposing mansion built into the cliffs of the The Golden Steps, not far from the The Lucent Chantry.   The Tutelage is managed by Gorias De Soto who selects the teachers that are loyal to both himself and Lord Akron. He has developed the curriculum and methods of indoctrination, and has been know to directly intervene in the education of individuals - either those that present as promising additions to the Knives of Kustos, or those whose potential dissidence need diversion or even expulsion.   Many notable people have passed through the walls of the Tutelage, and some dissidents have even survived their expulsion. Annika Lux is the most well known, and has not been quiet about her distaste in its methods. She has even taken the occasional promising individual under her wing as their mentor in a fairly undisciplined alternative to education within Omberstad.

Purpose / Function

The Choosing is the ceremony held every five years, where the children of the town and surrounds are selected for the various roles that will determine their future. Those that are identified as having talents appropriate to the study of magic, time, mechanics, history and diplomacy or the study of nature and agriculture. Unlike the mainland Protectorates, where each of the colleges has its own distinct campus and infrastructure, each with 100's of students at any time, the Tutelage at Omberstad offers a far more generalised program of study. Also unlike the mainland Academy, the curriculum includes martial training, and military and naval tactics. Many of the students find themselves recruited into the Shield rather than being allowed to focus on more academic pursuits.   Critics of the Tutelage feel that its purpose is more a method of indoctrination into dutiful servitude to Lord Akron than any attempt at proper education. It is true, that there have been gifted students identified, and some of these have even transfered to New Lafaelle to further their studies, and have gone onto successful careers as Bureaucrats in the Ministry, of even joined one of the Orders of Salvitus or Tempus. Most however, remain in Uferbrech and are pushed into the roles identified and designed by Lord Akron himself.   Supporters claim the Tutelage is a key element of Omberstad's ability to unify its people against common threats and the dangers of disunity. When children of the town reach the age of anywhere between 6 to 12 years old, they are separated from their families and housed together within the walls of the Tutelage until they reach adulthood. In addition to their education in the core teachings of the Academy, they are drilled in concepts of duty to each other, and service to the people of the town. And most of all, they are taught unquestioning loyalty to Lord Akron himself.   This does not always work of course, and the schools has also been know to breed many a dissident and agitator from its ranks.


The building itself has a tall and almost fortress like facade extending from the cliff-face, with the majority of the construction extending backwards and underground. The spaces within are more like barracks, with wings of dormitories and training rooms surrounding large communal living areas, a mess hall and a library.     There are rumours that the Tutelage has hidden underground tunnels connecting direct to Fort Kustos.


The tutelage was built prior to the main Fort, and initially housed Lord Akron's forces as he set about his invasion of Tokaru.
Alternative Names
The Uferbrech Tutelage of Lore and Duty, The Crib
College / Academy
Parent Location
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