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Gorias De Soto

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Gorias grew up in Omberstad, from a minor noble family who relocated with Akron during the initial invasion of Tokaru. His parents were killed in early skirmishes against the Uferbrech Goblins when he was three years old, and he was brought into the The Uferbrech Tutelage as an oprhan. He very soon became enraptured with, and idolised Annika Lux who was ten years his senior.   As he grew up, he was often frustrated by what he saw as his own failings agianst the advanced skills he saw Annika exhibit, and he was forever trying to impress her and frustrated by his inability to compete with her. Lord Akron himself took an interest in the young boy, and began to cultivate his loyalty through intimidation. By the time he was ready to begin his formal studies at the age of six, his jelousy and adulation of Annika and his fear of nd obedience to Lord Akron defined him.   This tension came to a head during the Mirrorshield Heist.  Gorias was scared for his friend, and tried to stop Annika from going through with it. As the Heist progressed, the six year old Gorias was not able to reconcile his loyalties, and ended up betraying Annika to Lord Akron. It was this action that meant the heist failed, and that Annika would resort to dangerous magics that killed her friend Usohati, and would nearly kill Gorias.   After this even, Gorias hovered near death for days, unconscious. Rumours persist that the holy treatments he was recieving seemed to have no effect against the magic burns he had received from Annika. But, in the moments just before he woke, his carers reported he became agitated, and heard him mutter words in a language none could understand. His recovery upon awakening was nothing short of miraculous. He was upon his feet in hours, and the burns on his head turned to scar tissue within days.   Those who knew him reported that he had changed in more ways than physical. He was no longer the bright child, but seemd wisened beyond his six years. He would now brood in long silences, and would keep to himeself whenever he could. He threw himself into his studies, with a quiet determination and little humour. People noted he was far more serious and driven than he had been before the acident, and coldly obsessed with discovering what had become of Annika in her self-imposed exile.   As he grew, he and Akron became closer, and many now saw him as the adopted son that Akron had never had. He was eventually rewarded by Akron for his loyalty, and upon his graduation was brought into Akron's fulltime staff.


Annika Lux

Adversary (Important)

Towards Gorias De Soto



Gorias De Soto

Adversary (Vital)

Towards Annika Lux




Gorias and Annika grew up together, and both went to schoole at the Tutelage at the same time. They were originally friends, but began to grow apart as Annika rebelled against the schools teachings, and Gorias embraced them. The growing conflict culminated in the incident where Annika destroyed part of the dormiotry by accident, and seriously injured Gorias in the process.

Character Location
Current Location
Year of Birth
2928 AD 63 Years old
Slicked back, salt-n-pepper
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