The Midkin are descendents of the Elderkin from the time of the Elderkin Schism. They are the peoples who joined the emancipated Bloodforged and Stoneforged at the end of the wars when the Deepkin fled to the Hollow Earth, and Arkin hid themselves in the Feywild.   In the subsequent years, the Midkin diverged from their brethren, and a number of racial variations emerged. All variants are able to interbreed, and the distinction between them is quite blurred, and while general archetypes exist, the differences are mostly cultural.   Midkin that are alive today are direct descendents of those who fled to Refuge to escape the Destruction, while those who were left behind are the ancestors of the peoples who evolved into the many variants of Goblin kin and the Firetouched¬†through the unknown count of years during the Age of Shadowfire.
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