The Arkin are the surface branch of the Kin that split from the Deepkin during the Elderkin Schism that led to The Bloodstone wars many hundreds, if not thousands of years before The Destruction. Unlike their kindred who stayed within the Hollow Earth, the Arkin were enamoured of the surface world and its burgeoning life and sought a place beneath the sun and stars.   They developed a natural affinity with all growing things, which they retain, but at the height of the Bloodstone Wars, this affinity turned to hubris. In order to fight their kindred Deepkin, they channelled the powers of blood magic into the forging of new and terrible life from the creatures they had previously sought to preserve, and created living weapons, terrible and monstrous.   Some of the new life they forged became sentient and intelligent - notably the folk they forged from lizards and birds, and even sentient plants - some of who may have been the ancestors of the SporeMinds of Glimmertown At the height of their forging, the Arkin combined both Blood and Stone magic into their greatest and most feared creations: The Dragons - now only whispered of in stories.   After the Bloodstone Wars ended in the forced armistice brought about by the rebellion of the forged races on both sides, the Arkin hid in shame in the deeper forests of the world. They became reclusive and aloof from the creatures and world that they once loved.   Interactions were not unknown however, and as the great empires emerged during the Age of Exultancy, many grew tired of their isolation and slowly integrated themselves into the new cultures. These Arkin lived alongside the Midkin and while interbreeding was common, many pure Arkin remained at the time of the Destruction - some of who made it into Refuge and now form a small but notable part of The Returned across The Protectorates and the outposts of Uferbrech.   It is known that at least one group of the original Arkin stayed hidden and survived the Destruction by forming protective passageways through to the Feywild, the most notable being the forests of Ophillias at the base of the Brightweld Mountains.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

While many would vehemently deny this is possible, there is enough similarities between Arkin and their long sundered kin, the Deepkin  , that unions and interbreeding are possible. Unions between the Arkin and Midkin are uncommon but acknowledged, especially within the Protectorates and other enclaves of The Returned.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Slender ears, pointed and without lobes.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The strongest concentration of Arkin live deep within the forests of Ophillias, but some were a part of the original Cabal prior to the Destruction, and fled to Refuge with the people known as The Returned.  It is believed that other pockets of Arkin may be found across Shadowfire.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Many Arkin have a deep connection to the natural world, and can often converse with animals and plants, at least on an emotive level.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
6' to 7'
Average Weight
55 - 70Kg
Average Physique
Slender and wiry on average, but physique ranges from bulky and muscular to overweight or flabby just like many of their distant kin.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Arkin skin tones range from pale yellowy green to a deep earthy slate, and often exhibit a mottled pattern.
Geographic Distribution


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