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The dragons were powerful magical beings that were were the pinnacle outputs of magical forging during the Bloodstone Wars. They were the result of the application of both Bloodforged and the Stoneforged techniqes and became the most feared forces during the war. After the armistice, many became respected peace keepers during the Age of Exultancy, but were believed to have been corrupted and wiped out many hundreds of years later during the Godling Wars and the Destruction that followed.

Civilization and Culture


Forged during the Bloodstone Wars

The Dragons were originally the inventions of the Arkin, but the forging techniques were soon stolen and copied by the Deepkin, who created their own. They were a magical combination of organic life, mostly from reptilian and avian stock, but fortified through a synthesis with inorganic metals, gems and stone. This fusing fortified their skeletons, provided intensely strong armoured skin and was used to create the dragonhearts. The Dragonhearts were comlicated artificial engines, powered by crystal uhd and were the source of their immense intelligence, formidable magics and unmatched strength.   The early dragons were barely more sentient than the rocks from which they were constructed, but over time, the forging techniques improved, and the pinnacle of creations became far smarter than even those who created them. The most powerful of the dragons mastered the secrets of their own creation, and were the ones who led the Great Subversion that saw the end of the Bloodstone Wars not through violence, but through brokering the strike and armistice that saw the liberation of the forged races from their masters.  

During the Age of Excultancy

The dragons did not seek positions of power during the formation of the original Assembly, but acted as advisors and guides over the many hundreds of years during the Age of Exultancy. During this time they began to retreat from political affairs, and instead saw to the collection and teachning of knowledge.  

During the Age of Ascendancy

Some dragons remained active in the affairs of the Assembly, and during the Ascendancy were instrumental in helping invent of isntruments of mass transit and flight that powered the Age.  

During the Godling Wars

When the Assembly crumbled under the weight of the personality cults that erupted in the Godling Wars, the dragons were unwittingly embroiled as the desparate saught them out as protectors. The unfortunate side effect was many of the dragons were themselves infected with the madness that overtook the world, and the creation of their own Godlings accelerated the Destruction.  

In the age of Shadowfire

No dragonkin ever made it into Refuge, and none are believed to have survived through the Age of Shadowfire. Most who remained only think of them as myths, thought the Returned of the Protectorates saved mch lore and history that points to their historical reality. Many seek their remains, but none have discovered them.  
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Unknown to any of the civilisations in the western hemisphere, but some of the dragons did indeed survive the Destruction, and kept many of their kin safe through the worst of the fires. They have their own city states kept secret on the far side of the wordl, known as Raja Naga and the Scaled Nations, and keep tabs on the Gleaming City and the Protectorates through their ties with the mysterious organisation known to a few as The Hidden Kingdom.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Conservation Status
Most across the known world of Shadowfire believe that dragons were destroyed during the Destruction. Many even doubt they ever existed.
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