Shadowfire Stoneforged and Bloodforged

Stoneforged and Bloodforged

Technological achievement


Tensions mount, an arms race of magic and magical engineering of new races - the Stoneforged and the Bloodforged.   The Deepkin and Arkin begin crafting armies of forged beings by channeling the magics of Blood and Stone and breathing life and intelligence into them.   The Deepkin create the Stoneforged - Dwarves, Giants, Golems and Machines - from the rocks and metals deep within the earth.   The Arkin on the surface create the Bloodforged - Shroomkin, Avians, lizardkind and countless others by manipulating existing animals and pants and warping them into new forms.   The culmination of the forging saw the creation of the Dragons, the pinnacle of both Blood- and Stone-forged magic, combined.

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