Crystal uhd

The solid state of the material known as the Blood of Uhd by the Elderkin. It is the most prized form, due to the purity and strength of of the uhd contained within, as well as for its portability.   Crystal uhd is one of the most powerful ways in which Blood Magic practitioners can perform feats beyond the normal range of individuals, and without the need to organise collective rituals or belief.   It powers much of the collective Blood magic performed by the Disciples of the Flaming Brand, as well as the mechanics and sentience of the Stoneforged.  


Uhd is the prime element of all creation, and forms the core of the planet that all life has since sprung from. Microscopic elements are found imbued through all living things, and will be passed along the food chain.   Massive amounts of pure Uhd were expelled from the planets core during the Destruction and much now orbits the planet in the great rings known as the Nightbridge. At the time of the Destruction, much molten Uhd also rained down upon the surface of the ravaged lands. Even now, thousands of years later, asteroids of pure crystal uhd still fall from the Nightbridge.   There are areas of Shadowfire that became a focus for the expelled uhd. Most notable are the Uferbrech archipelago, where Uhd is present in the corals that grow upon the ruins of Old Lafaelle; The deep volcanism beneath The Ferment which powers the sentience of the Spore Minds, and across the fractured expanse of the Shatterbright, where crystals are embedded throughout the geology of that harsh land.  

Sources of Crystal Uhd

  The largest active source of crystal uhd is found deep within the wastelands of Mortugurra and even upon the surface of the Shatterbright.   The Lords of Fire of The Gleaming City hold tight to a near monopoly on the mining and distribution of it. Their monopoly on the production of crystal uhd is the primary means by which they can attract the lucrative trade with the more hospitable climes of Shadowfire. Many organisations, such as the The Icerunners Guild and the Merchantry of the Torrent, will risk much to bring delicacies from across Shadowfire to the Gleaming City, to trade for the Uhd they mine.   It is through this, that the Disciples of the Flaming Brand can employ such devastating blood magics, and how the Lords themselves have managed to control and merge with their own Godlings.
pure cyrstal uhd is a highly translucent purple

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