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The Elderkin were the creations of the Elder Gods, and their slaves for thousands of years.  After the Mythic Wars of Emancipation, where the Elderkin defeated and banished the Elder Gods from the world, the ElderKin developed the first of the great civilisations  - The Hollow Earth.   The Elderkin splintered during the Elderkin Schism.  This divergence is commonly agreed as the beginning of the two Kin species that have persisted on Shadowfire to the modern era: The Deepkin - those who remained beneath the earth, and the Arkin - those who emerged to the surface.   The Midkin are the third splinter from the line of Elderkin, emerging as a distinct group in the years following the Bloodstone Wars.   During the Bloodstone Wars, the DeepKin and Arkin were also responsible for the magical creation of the other forged races:  The Stoneforged and the Bloodforged.

Basic Information


Artwork and myths told by the Arkin and Deepkin describe their ancestors as tall and slender, with pale, almost translucent skin.

Growth Rate & Stages

It is rumoured that the ancestors of the Kin lived extremely long live in comparison even to the Deepkin and Arkin.  Legends speak in terms of thousands of years in a lifetime.
Genetic Descendants
Forged directly by the Elder God Avatars

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