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The Destruction

The Destruction, thousands of years ago, as a result of the unleashed magics from the Godlings War, which was failed to be stopped by the Cabal.    Planet altering magic was unleashed, and the earths core is fragmented. Half a continent was ejected into the atmosphere and the world’s spinning altered. The magics altered the flow of time and the seasons, no cycles of day and night with the world now with one side always facing the sun.   It sparked the age of Shadowfire, countless years of fire, raining meteors, earthquakes and volcanism. Civilisation was destroyed and peoples of the world died in their millions. The survivors endured but transformed and mutated into new multitudes of new forms.   The truth has been lost to most peoples of the world, and there are many forms of the myth that explain the new state of the world, with the closest truth known told by those survivors who fled into Refuge - but even they have coloured the telling to suit their needs.


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