Raja Naga and the Scaled Nations

On the opposite side of Shadowfire lies a vast continent of steaming jungles and swamps, crossed by chains of volcanic mountain ranges.  The continent is ruled by the Dragon kin, descendants of the Bloodforged created during the Bloodstone Wars, and survivors of Draconic Empire that was in part responsible for the Destruction.   During the Destruction, much was lost, but the Dragons used their magic to survive, and protect and guide their reptilian, avian and draconic kin through the chaos.   The dragons were the first to re-establish order after the Destruction.     They sought atonement for the tragedy of the Godlings Wars and subsequent Destruction, and saw the use of Divine power as the source of all ills.  The Republic they founded after the Destruction sought to oppose these forces of subjugation and control to any power, and encourage self-rule, collaboration and the advancement of knowledge free from the divine.  They embraced learning and innovation, science, magic, arts and expression and founded their cities in the Jungles of Raja Naga as seats of learning.   The Republic is divided into numerous states, divided roughly by the primary geographic regions of the Raj. These are:
  • Raja Naga - the vast mainland, which spreads from the mountains to the east (Sunside) to the exapanses of jungle in the west.
  • Raja Kirali - the great penisula to the south where the vast aviaries of the avian kin fly in the twilight skies.
  • Raja K-Toi and Raja Salita - the two island continents to the West (Shadowside) ruled by cold-adapted avians, and dragonkin adapted to the cold
  The Government is highly democratic and distributed.  Representations from local towns are elected or chosen by the people of those areas, and act as delegates to the seats of learning within the major cities.   economy is laregly free-market, but there are tax and duties to pay for the upkeep of common infrasturcure.   Flight is the most common form of transport, with water tranpsort common on the coasts.  Vast flying machines created to move trade goods and non-flying races.     Architecture commonly has tall spires for landing pads.


Raja Naga is vast, dominated by jungle, swamps and volcanic ranges, with a huge mountain range in the east protecting from the deserts and firs of Sunside.  To the west the junlges make way to temperate rain fiorests and plains of grass on the shores of the tropical seas.   Raja Kirali is largely mountainous, cooling at the higher altitudes, but protected from the worst of the winds from Shadowside.     The northern most island continent - Raja Salita - is made of rich volcanic earth, and warmed by ocean currents.  it is mostly temperate, but harsh and cold on the extreme west.   The southern most island content - Raja K'Toi, is much colder, barren rocky steppes covered with snowdrifts, and is sparsely populated.


Vast amounts of vegetation through the jungles and swamps - teaming with life.   The dominant forms are reptilian in nature, but also many avian birds and plethora of insects.   To the south west, the climates become much colder, with cold-adapted anhbious being s mostly living close to the coasts, and aquatic avians flocking in vast hordes, eating seafood, and roaming the cold wastes.

Natural Resources

Food stuff are exotic and in much demand - especially to the north of the Circle of Malama, where the dried fruits and spices of the Raj are eventually traded with the nations of Novalucca and the Protectorates.   Metals are rare, mined predominantly in the mountains to the east and on Raja K'Toi.     Timber and woods from the vast forests.   Ceramics are created from the rare clays of the swamplands along the coast. Many infused with magical abilities   The nations celebrate artistic experession, and create music and complex illusiorat magic performances.  Some are recorded magically and disttributed /exported to people across the nations.
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