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The aligned city-states around Reverence Bay were founded from those who returned from Refuge. The Lord Protectors are responsible for each of the cities around the Bay, and the areas contested across Uferbrech.   The rule of the Lord Protectors is decided by a complex arrangement with the bureaucratic arm of Government known as The Ministry, and on the face of it is set up as a meritocracy. The Lord Protectors are chosen by the Ministry from those who have devoted their lives into service to the peoples of the Protectorates. The process is supposed to be transparent, with the decision made through a complex process of public submissions, and lengthy discussions.   In practice however, it is power, influence and corruption that often keeps the Lord Protectors in their positions. Some will come from the military, being decorated officers of The Shield. This brings with it the strength of military might to silence any dissenting views to their claims. Others are those who have secured power and influence through trade and diplomatic alliances across the lands of the Protectorates, and often beyond.

Foreign Relations

The Lord Protectors signed The Tempus Accord with both Novalucca and representatives from the tribes of the Shimmerlands  The Accord marked the international agreement of the count of years, formalised an alliance between the Empress of Novalucca and the Protectorates, and marked the official ceasing of hostilities between the Protectorates and the the Tribes of the Shimmerlands.   Tension continues along the Brightweld Mountains, where the Mountain Goblins, who refuse to acknowledge the Accord, continue to mount the occassional insurgance against the forces of the Protectorates across the length of their traditional lands.   In Uferbrech  Sea, the Protectorates, led by Lord Protector Ackron Der Kustos, continue to wage their long and bloody invasion against the Uferbrech Goblins.
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