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Rowdy port city in the middle of Reverence Bay, spanning the mouth of the Serpent’s Tongue River. Key point on the trade route between the other cities on the Bay and the sunward passes through the Brightweld Mountains.     The main city sits high on a bluff, with castle walls surrounding the upper city. The lower city drops steeply to the docks on the edge of a natural harbour. Heavily fortified, with massive gates heavily manned by the Shield. Entrance requires sponsorship from the nobles of the city.  

The Outer city

Outside the walls the sprawling maze of shanties, warehouses, animal yards and dodgy inns. Smells of industry, muddy and dank. Houses made of rock and wood, canvas tents, street wares. Humans make the majority, with many dwarves, elves, halflings and gnomes. Every now and then more unusual races – a very few drow, genasi traders from Sunward, or Goliaths from the Sea of Black Ice.


Human 60%, Halflings 10%, Elves 10%, Dwarves 10%, Others 10%


Inner city heavily fortified. Guard keep over the bridge on the river

Industry & Trade

Crossroads of trade between the major cities, tradeway west to the steppes and deserts across the mountains, and the east towards the Sea of Black Ice


Bustling port and mercantile community

Guilds and Factions

The Cabal (ruling faction), the Shield (army and watch), Shadow Enclave (Thieves Guild), the various Guilds
Included Locations

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