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Mothers of Motu

The Mothers of Motu are the governing force that united the goblin islander tribes of Uferbrech. It is s representative council of matriarchs from the many tribes, with an official spokeswoman, or GreatMother, elected by the council members each year. For the last 23 years this role has been held by Kaila Reefwatcher who has driven a more aggressive approach to dealing with the Protectorates than her predecessors.


The Motu clans are matriarchal, but historically have not cooperated well.  The Mothers of Motu were formed in response to the clans being forced from their homes across Uferbrech by the incursions from the Protectorates.  It is a council of the clan leaders, with an elected spokesperson.  Each year the council elects a new leader, with the initial purpose being to share the role equally across the clans.  In recent years this has changed as Kaila Reefwatcher  has established herself as the ongoing spokeswoman, and the structure of the Mothers of Motu is becoming more and more autocratic under her leadership.


Sacred duty is to protect their people and the lands of their home from outsiders, and especially from knowledge of the ancients hidden beneath the waves.

Public Agenda

The Mothers of Motu are tasked to manage the defence of the people of Motu from the incursions from the Protectorates, and ultimately take back the islands for the clans.  They seek to build stronger alliances with the factions from the Tangled Fathoms.   The deeper divine purpose is to guard the secrets of the ancients that are hidden in the ruins beneath the waves of the Uferbrech sea.
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Relations between the various Wings of the Talons of Aetora and the Mothers of Motu are generally positive and aligned. However, some tensions are emerging between them.    Some members of the Mothers believe that the prolonged conflict between the Protectorates and the Motu is no longer in their best interest. They chafe at the dogmatic way the Talons cling to aggression, and fear it will bring greater retribution down upon their people.   Some more aggressive sections of the Talons long for all out war, and are impatient to liberate their homelands.  Dissent is growing, but outright disobedience or mutinee is not yet on the cards.

At war

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