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Mirrorshield of Wala

One of the most holy artefacts of the Motu, and symbol of the Mothers of Motu's role as leaders and protectors of the tribes. The Mirrorshield is said to have been made by Aetora herself in honour of the Goddess Wala.   The shield is made from layered Coral Glass, and seems to shine with an opelescent sheen, and within the glass can be seen shifting hues of gold and purple. It is shaped like the sun, and overlaid with a stylised pattern of the two moons and the Nightbridge. The patterns are rumoured to encode the secrets of the lost city beneath the Uferbrech Gyre and the reasons for the Motu's long vigil.   It is told amongst the Uferbrech Goblins that Aetora imbued the Mirrorshield with deep holy magic given to her by the goddess Wala. It is said to give the righteous one who holds it powers of protection, healing and a holy vengeance.

The Tokaru invasion and fall of Leoti Windrider

Among the veterans of the Protectorates who fought in the inital invasion of Uferbrech, tales are told of the Shield being wielded by the last Mother of the Tokaru tribes, Leoti Windrider, in the battles against them. They tell of goblins recovering from death blows, and their own soldiers being burnt to cinders by a holy fire emanating from the shield itself.   It was the greatest of tragedies when Leoti fell in the battle that saw Lord Ackron finally take the port at Omberstad. It is said that Lord Akron took the shield from the corpse of Leoti, as her tribe fled in dismay.

The failed heist

Akron has kept the shield as a prized possession ever since, and the Motu have long desired its return. For some years, Akron kept it on open display above his throne in Fort Akron, until the attempt at stealing it back by Annika Lux and Usohati. The disastrous heist resulted in the death of Usohati, the permanent scarring of Gorias and the start of Annika's long exile.

A coveted prize

Since then, Akron has kept the shield hidden somewhere deep within Fort Kustos. The remaining Mothers of Motu and the The Talons of Aetora have long sought its return, for it is a symbol of power within the Motu. Without it, Kaila Reefwatcher struggles to maintain the legitamcy of her rule.

World of Shadowfire

Mirrorshield of Wala


Legendary Requires Attunement

While holding the Mirrorshield, you have a +1 bonus to AC. This bonus is in addition to the shield's normal bonus to AC.  


As a reaction, you can expend 1 charge to absorb and reflect half the damage received from a melee, ranged or spell attack back at the attacker, so long as you can see them.   The damage reflected is radiant damage regardless of the damage type of the original attack. They can make a constitution saving throw (DC 14) to reduce the damage by half.  

Healing Word

As a bonus action you can expend charges to cast Healing Word at a level equal to the number of charges expended.  


The Mirrorshield has 4 charges, which reset after it has been placed under direct sunlight for 8 hours.

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The Mirrorshield is unique.  It is said that it was grown by Aetora herself in the seas beneath the The Uferbrech Gyre. She gave it to the Motu before she left to try and appease the wrath of Kofa as told in The Broken Dream of Wala-Kofa.
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Jul 19, 2021 04:33 by sointex

I'm digging the backstories about trying to steal the shield from the forts. Was that part of a campaign or just something you built into the lore of this artifact? It's cool regardless.

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