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Usohati was the infant grabndchild of Leoti Windrider at the time of the fall of Tokaru. He grew up in slavery within the confines of The Uferbrech Tutelage.  Throughout his life, he was a vital intelligence agent for the Motu resistance aganist the Protectorates, and a gentle voice of reason for sympathetic ears within the Tutelage itself.  He became one of Annika Lux primary mentors during her youth, and seeded much of her interest in the diverse peoples of the world, and her passion against injustice.   He died during the ill fated Mirrorshield Heist which saw the disfigurment of Gorias De Soto and the bainshment of Annika.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Usohati grew up as slave with his parents who had been captured during the initial invasion of Uferbrech. Like his parents, he lived a life of forced service to Lord Ackron and his forces.   Both his parents died during the construction of Fort Kustos in accidents that were common during that time. Once the fort was finished, Usohati continued his servitude within the walls of the Tutelage, helping with cleaning and cooking duties for many years.   Later in life, Usohati became a secret agent within Omberstad for the Motu resistance centred at Talon's Reach. He was their eyes and ears within the town, keeping the Talons appraised of military movements, and acted as the Motu's voice to those people of Omberstad more sympathetic to the Motu's cause.  
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Usohati was actually the grandson of Leoti Windrider, the leader of the Tokaru goblins who died during the invasion. He had traditional magical tattoos applied to his back shortly after birth. These markings look like normal Firetouched markings, but were in face the key to the Mirrorshield of Wala and sacred to the Motu across Uferbrech.   Upon his death, Usohati's soul was actually captured by Gorias De Soto in his first experiment, and is currently the leader of The Knives of Kustos.   Usohati's body, now a Soulhusk, was sold to the Usokufa to be converted into a Bodyservant.   Unknown to all, Usohati's body still serves the Lords of Fire in the gleaming city.

Mental Trauma

Usohati was forever scarred by the deaths of his parents during the construction of Fort Kustos.

Morality & Philosophy

His parents raised Usohati as close as they could in secret worship of Wala-Kofu, their beliefs in Ashtiri and duty to the protection of the ancient ruins of Uferbrech. He held to strong principles of non-violent resistance throughout his life, and believed that all people's of the world, even those who had enslaved them, are all souls of Wala who deserve a chance at redemption and forgiveness.



Friend and mentor (Important)

Towards Annika Lux



Annika Lux

Friend (Vital)

Towards Usohati




Annika met and became friends with Usohati during her time in the Uferbrech Tutelage where she stidied, and he worked as a slave.  He begrudgingly became fond of the young Annika, who became enraptured with his stories of the Motu and the unujust invasion of their lands by Lord Ackron's forces.  Usohati became a mentor of sorts, and was constantly trying to teach Annika patience and care when dealing the powerful forces around them.     To Annika's deepest shame, Usohati was killed when she attempted to steal back artefacts of the Motu from Lord Ackron's plunder.   Her rash actions led directly to his death, her expulsion from the Tutelage and her self-imposed exile from Omberstad.

Current Location
2878 AD 2939 AD 61 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born into slavery while his parents toiled building Fort Kustos
Circumstances of Death
Killed by accident by Annika Lux in the incident that also disfigured Gorias De Soto and precipitated Annika's self-imposed exile.

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