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Talon's Reach

An outpost of Motu who have managed to keep a foothold on their home island. Controlled by the fiercest of the The Talons of Aetora, to ensure they retain access to the Eyrie in the mountains.   Talon's Reach is hidden in the middle of a vast stretch of tangled mangrove forest and marhses on the southern coast of Tokaru.  

The settlement

The settlement consists of a series tree houses high in the canopy, connected by rope bridges. The structures extend into the bowls and twisted trunks of the mangrove trees, some of which have carved stairs and ladders down to the sodden waters. These satellite houses include, the Armoury, the Infirmary, and the Mess.  


contains simple armors and weapons, including some captured from the protectirates. Most weapons exist and can be traded for food, gems, coin. Storekeeper Kogan, a wily hobgoblin trader, has connections with the smugglers at Camp Thrifty  


has a few shitty bunks, and two injured goblins. Yak who lost an arm in the recent battle and is mostly recovered, but depressed. Girdle, who was blinded by an explosion of gunpowder thay he had brought pack as plunder and wasn't sure what it did (can give it to the pcs if they want it)  

The Mess

doubles as a barracks as well as tavern for the Talons. All golbins not on aptrol gather here, gambling, drinking. They haven't had a cook since their last one was lost in the war. Eager for anything other than boiled swamprat. There is some old jerky, half rotted grains and flour, and root vegetables available. A rough distillery has been set up, and they have brewed some extremely dangerous spirits.  

The Talon Tree

The largest structure is the central mangrove tree that towers higher than those that surround it. the roots form a wide bowl which houses the central storage and meeting areas for the Talon's of Aetora.  

The Trunk

Accessed by the jetty at the base of the vast tree - which appears as a vertical wall of twisitng roots - there is a deep cleft which leads to an carved circular stairwell up the centre of the tree. At varying intervals there are nooks and small rooms off this central spire where there is food and arms storage, as well as the occassional sleeping matteress. It is fairly disorganised, and there is junk and rubbish everywhere.  

The War room

At the top of the stairs, in the middle of the vast trunk of the main tree, there is a large chamber directly beneath the Roost, where the First Spear Xilocoth Stormholder has set up a war-room. A massive table in the middle, discarded remnants of meals scattered, detritus revealling not much ahs been cleaned or looked after recently.   A huge map or Tokaru lies on the table, deeply stained. Marked is the town of Omberstad , the Windwheel Pass, Talon's Reach itself, as well as the The Eyries of Aetora and the settlement of Camp Thrifty.  

The shrine of Aetora

a wide balcony sit on the sunside (west) side of the war room - providing a veiw across the marshes towards the sun ion the horizon. It contains a simple shirne to Wala-Kofu, but at itse centre is a wooden statue of aetora, atop the Vulture 'Hera'. Symbols and glyphs tell the story of the The Broken Dream of Wala-Kofa. The myth of creation of the Motu.

The Roost

Accessed either from the main War-room by a circular stair around the southern wall, or from the air, the highest parts of the branches cradle a wide platform called the Roost, open to the sky above, where the giant vultures that the Talon's fly land. It is ringed by nests and stables, where the Talon's tend to the animals, and the saddles and tackle they use to ride them.    

Key NPCs


Xilocoth Stormholder

the inexperienced leader of the Talons since the previous leader Aktaca Galerider was captured during the recent war with the Protectorates. Xilo lacks confidence, but is trying to keep his shit together. He wants to invade Omberstad but lacks the strenght. Dearly wishes that someone would take all this off his hands and tell him what to do - but fears losing face. Is disappointed with anyone who doesn't provide some sort of strength for the Talons.    

Taktuk - The Roost Warden of Talon's Reach

The gruff old woman who runs the Roost and cares for the vultures when their riders are away. She barley cares about the rider's worries, but bonds with every bird. She is a a very old goblin, near blind, stooped and wiry. Near balding, wisps of grey hair. Pale green skin, with splotches of white and gnarled and weathered. Can provide tips for new riders - but won't unless they have ingratiated themselves. Craves booze of any sort, but especially soft spot for Firewine (available thru Camp Thrifty). Is pretty lazy, and mostly delegates (with rolled eye exasperation) to her assistant.  


Taktuk's assistant, a young goblin of 8yrs old. Goofy, no confidence, gullible, eager to please and oblivious to praise of any kind - assuming they are in trouble and at fault no matter what. Often running between the two as Taktuk uses him to send inane requests about the birds and unnecessary supplies to Xilo.  

Storekeeper Kogan

Kogan is desperate for stocks, and has brought in a pair of smugglers from Camp Thrifty to replenish food, grog, weapons.  

Luger Vanderson

Luger is a fire genasi smuggler from the Shimmerlands, looking for a big break. Has no qualms selling people out for cash, but only if it won't hurt his ability to continue work. Making money delivering for both Protectorates and Motu. Has been known to deliver unsavoury cargo and doesn't ask questions.   Currently just delivered a new batch of assorted weapons stolen from the Protectorates. Seeking anything to sell back. Popular contraband would be fungal things (dead Myconids eg) or drugs, or anything made from coral glass.

Kemp Loggerback

A Tortle who was saved from Protectorate slavers by Luger. Had been captured when just a baby. Feels indebted to Luger, but not comfortable with the dodgy parts of their work. Seeks a way of getting home to the deeper parts of the Tangled Fathoms.

The Talons

There are only 6 other Talon's (level 1 goblin monks) on site. These spend most of their time gabbling insecurities and bitching about Xilocoth in the barracks. they will gamble for drink, food, coin. There are 2 others in the infirmary, recovering from very serious wounds (lost arm, blinded). Mostly neglected, one of their brothers will feed them occasionally.   At any time, there are an additional 12 talons away on missions across Uferbrech.   Some names:
  • Lulu, F
  • Skiff, M
  • Jibber, F
  • Runt, M
  • Axel, M
  • Nash, F


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