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Xilocoth Stormholder

First Spear Xilocoth Tokari (a.k.a. Stormholder)

Xilo is the leader of the Tokaru forces of The Talons of Aetora, having recently taken the role of First Spear since the death of the previous leader, Aktaca Galerider, during the ocean battle that saw the defeat of the Protectorates on the Uferbrech Sea, know as the Drowning at Telela.   He is a short and skinny, barely out of his teens, but strong and wiry.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Very young for his position, eager to prove himself and avenge the death of his former master against the Protectorates.   ---   Xilo was born and grew up in Camp Thrifty. He is third generation since the Fall of Tokaru.   Xilo's grand-parents were part of the original wave of refugees that fled the slaughter of the village at Omberstad, to seek refuge at Camp Thifty. There, the refugees managed to stay in hiding while attempting to balance ongoing resistance against the Protectorate forces while also raising and protecting their children. They were constantly beset by agents of Lord Akron, and the threat of betrayal by others within the camp.   Xilo's parents were toddlers brought into this environment.

Morality & Philosophy

Bravery against their foes, but not rash Strike hard and swift like the Eagle, survive to strike again.   Loyalty to the Talons above all else, demands it of his warriors Happy to let people party on, but will punish laziness or stupidity in face of defense Protect the people of the islands Retake Tokaru and banish the Protectorates



Soft spoken, observes and asks questions more than gives answers
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
First Spear of Aetora
Year of Birth
2967 AD 24 Years old
Camp Thrifty
Clean shaven, scars.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale green with dark firetouched discolourations typical of his kind.
Short, even for a Goblin at about 4' 6"
Slim and wiry
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Can speak the language of the Protectorates

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