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Uferbrech Goblins

The Goblins of Uferbrech consist of a number of clans, each with claim to a particular island, or sections of island across the archipelago, and are often referred to as the Motu as that is the name of the most populous clan, and where the surviving clans have congregated since the invasion of the forces of The Protectorates.    The Uferbrech Goblins are distant relations to the Dawncrag Goblins, having migrated from the mainland hundreds of years prior. Unlike their mountainous cousins, they are not nomadic, but have developed quite advanced domestication of animals and agriculture - epitmosied by their terraced fafmlands along the sides of the mountains of Tokaru  and Motu, and by the vast kelp and coral farms found in the shallow seas.   They are also excellent seafarers, having flotillas of shallow draft catamarans that traverse the Uferbrech sea.   Culturally, the clans are strongly matriarchal, and live in tight communes with complex family structures, shared parentage and equal distribution of food and shelter among clan members.  They are highly religious, and their knowledge is passed down primarily through oral traditions - but there are permanent temples that are tended at the tops of mountains and overlooking the Uferbrech Sea.    The elders of both genders are the keepers of knowledge, and the rule of the clans is given over to the council of matriarchs known as the Mothers of Motu.  

The clan groups

There are four major clan groups, associated with each of the main islands surrounding the Uferbrech Sea. Each of these clans have a traditional affinity with one of the natural elements.   The clans are:
  • Clan Motu - Earth
  • Clan Telela - Water
  • Clan Tokaru - Air
  • Clan Otenkari - Fire


Common Myths and Legends

Major organizations

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