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Spear of Kofa

The Spear of Kofa is one of the holy relics of the Uferbrech goblins, and the companion to the Mirrorshield of Wala. It is believed to have been weilded by the great hero Aetora and given to her by the goddess Wala-kofa herself.   Unlike the Mirrorshield, the spear was lost many generations prior to the invasion of Uferbrech by the Protectorates, and many even among the Uferbrech clans believe it to be just a myth. Despite this, there is a small but growing group of zealots across the clans who dub themselves Kofa's Fury, and these seek the recovery of the Spear in order to unleash its mythical destructive powers against their enemies both outside, and within, the clans.   The spear is said to have been made from the very blood of Kofa as she destroyed the world in fire as the end of Ashtiri, as spoken of in The Broken Dream of Wala-Kofa. The Uferbrech Goblins say that the blood froze into the shape of a tear as it was cooled by Wala's tears, and Aetora herself retrieved it.   Depictions show the spear as being constructed of pure transparent crystal - impossibly slender and about 3 metres in length. It is said to have transformed into a streak of white-hot fire or lightning when thrown, and that it would split to strike down multiple enemies at once across vast distances. It was rumoured to be held and passed down by the Mothers of Clan Otenkari but that it went missing long before the invasion of Timesdawn by the Protectorates.   Many believe that the spear is just a myth, or that at best it was only something ceremonial and lost beneath the Uferbrech Sea by a particularly careless Mother of Otenkari. Some believe it is this loss that brought down the destruction of the clan by the Protectorates - as punishment for their carelessness.   The secretive members of Kofa's Fury, search long and hard for the Spear, as a symbol for their people to rise up and as a weapon to finish what Kofa started and rid the world of all devils.
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