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Dawncrag Goblins

The mountain tribes of goblin kin who were displaced from their original homes across the Brightweld Mountains by The Returned during wars that established the borders of The Protectorates.  After the wars they were driven south to the Dawncrags.   Originally, they were a culture who were semi-nomadic, but with established strongholds scattered across the sunside and shadowside of the mountain ranges.  Their culture has its roots in survivors of the Destruction who learnt through generations of rebuilding again and again during constant seismic upheaval that relying on permanence was dangerous and futile.  Their legends tell of the time before when the cycles of life were supported by the earth through seasons, and the counting of days and nights by the movement of the sun.  In the era of Shadowfire, they understood that these cycles are important to survival and learnt to recreate them.   Their nomadic traditions come from this experience - where they force an experience of 'seasons' by moving themselves from darkness to light across the mountains as the years progress.   They are semi-nomadic pastoralists and agriculturalists.  They herd their flocks of livestock - agile thick-haired beasts they use for food, wool, as beasts of burden and to ride as transport. They roam from mountain pasture to mountain pasture across the ridges of the Brightwelds and Dawncrags,  so that the grasses and crops they tend can regrow in time for their next visit.  The crops that grow on each side of the ridges are very different - with fruit orchards and grassy meadows on the sunside, and deep valleys growing crops of root vegetables and greens on the shadowside.  Travelling intermittently across the ridges leads to a constantly balanced diet for goblins and their herds alike.
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