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Lux Steam House

The Steam House at the top of the cliffs at Omberstad that draws and distributes the boiling spring waters from below the island to the buildings in Omberstad through the newtork of pipes that sits below the town.   Many of the ocean going visitors to Omberstad rave about the Steam House and it is a must-visit location. The core steam rooms and baths are augmented by multiple hotel rooms to cater for many budgets, with two bars  - one down to earth catering to the workers, and a private bar on the top level, reserved for the wealthiest of visitors and the ruling elite of the town.   The owner, Annika Lux has ensured that poverty does not prevent anyone from accessing the warm waters. She built external public baths along the river's edge next to the Steam House proper, and ensures they available for free for all residents and visitors.

Purpose / Function

Anika Built the steam house as part of her work constructing the pipes and wind-powered pumping stations at Windwheel Pass.  The primary purpose being to draw up volcanic heated waters from below the island to heat the town.      As she was constructing the work, she developed a hotel and guest house above the main station in the town, which has evolved over the 20 years since into a semi-luxurious multi-story bath house.  while not as extensive and fancy as those in Badenton, it is the most luxurious offering on Tokaru.


The lower levels are dug into the cliffside, while the external levels rise up high with multiple baclonies and wide glass windows looking out over the town and up the valley where the river flows down in series of cascades.
Alternative Names
The Lux
Parent Location


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