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Annika Lux

(a.k.a. Annie)

Annika is the owner of the Steam House in Omberstad, and most famous of the drop-outs from the Uferbrech Tutelage. She is one of the few in town who openly speaks out against Lord Akron's rule, and has a reputation as a supporter of the down-trodden.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Annika was born in Omberstad  not long after the founding. Her parents were merchant traders who followed the initial invasion of Uferbrech  to help supply the burgeoning town.  

Early education

When she came of age, like many of the town's children, she was taken into the Tutelage as part of the Choosing. Her potential in engineering and the blending of machinery with magical forces was plain to see even then. Her time at the Tutelage was hard though, and she constantly fought against the stifling and overbearing methods that were employed, and she was in constant conflict with the teachers, and the other more dutiful students as a result.   Her greatest influence at this time was the influence of Usohati, one of the Motu  slaves who worked at the Tutelage . He became a close friend and mentor of Annika during this time, and encouraged her support of the oppressed.   Her rebellion intensified over the years she was there, and culminated in a particularly dangerous incident where Annika tried to steal back a Motu artafact on behalf of Usohati. The heist went terribly wrong, and Annika accidentally destroyed part of the dormitories with uncontrolled magic. Usohati died in the incident, and another of her fellow students, Gorias De Soto was permanently disfigured. Annika was immediately expelled in shame.  


After this incident, Annika left Uferbrech, and travelled extensively around the Lands of Twilight becoming enamoured of the diversity and variety of peoples she met, and the many ways of living beyond the borders of the Protectorates. She found a number of tutors and mentors in her travels, including her time in Glimmertown, where she learnt much about the brewing of strange and mind-bending potions from the SporeMinds, and with the Stoneforged Assembly where she further developed her skills engineering and stone magic.   She travelled with caravans across the Shimmerlands, discovering the vast vineyards and the wonders of Sunwine, and spent time far to the north with the chaos and freedom loving peoples of the Circle of Malama. She spent a few months with the Icerunners on the Sea of Black Ice as they collected huge bergs to sail west to the parched markets of Kukutana. This is when she met Utzo, the imposing Iceward goblinkin who has been her constant companion for nearly 30 years.  

The Lost Journals

  Annika's travels in her 23 year exile were documented by her in The Lost Journals of Annika Lux, two of which have recently been recovered by the academics in New Lafaelle.  

Return to Omberstad

Upon her return to Uferbrech, she was determined to bring a change to the autocratic control exercised by Lord Protector Ackron Der Kustos.   Her first project was the development of the Lux Steam House , inspired by the contructions left behind by the Motu at Windwheel Pass. She saw the potential to channel the wind energy gathered at the pass into extensive underground pumping systems to draw steam and hot water from beneath the island to heat the town of Omberstad.   Now, many years later, she still maintains the pipe and pumping network beneath the town and the entire town benefits from her invention. Her popularity is enduring, and has protected her from any reprisal as she exercises her biting criticism of Lord Akron, and actively tries to undermine his authority.   Annika makes no secret of her feelings towards Ackron , and his crony Gorias De Soto. Her history with Gorias in particular colours her dealings with the authorities, even now so many years after the incident, but he still wears the scars, and she still carries the guilt.


There have been many whispered rumours over the years to do with Annika's long companionship with Utzo.  And while Annika is warm and affectionate with just about anyone she meets, there have been no reliable tales told of anything beyond the plutonic.  Many think she is asexual and more interested in good company and vibrant discussions than anything else.   Annika would be the first to smile warmly, and kindly suggest its none of your business.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Failures & Embarrassments

Serious accidental injury of Gorias De Soto when they were young

Mental Trauma

She harbours a deep shame stilla t the injries she meted out on her old friend Gorias.  She hates what he has become, and in part blames herself and the headstrong days of her youth. It means that while she is content to agitate for change, she will only do so peacefully, and will not risk open confrontation or escalation with Gorias or Lord Akron.

Intellectual Characteristics

Annika has a keen and inquiring mind, and is easily excited and distracted when presented with new knowledge.  Her specialities lie in the blending of the magical with the mechanical.  Through this she has developed contraptions large and small, that channel, store and focus magical energies through engineering and alchemy.

Morality & Philosophy

She detests control and subservience of any kind, and also is disgusted by the hoarding of resources.  She sees the existence of the Icepen and the Ladders as a complete failure of Lord Akron's rule, and an inequality that needs changing.  Deeper still, she see the dispossession of the Motu as the greatest of crime of the Protectorates  that needs atonement and retribution.   She has been known to host meetings of political agitators and subversives in the Steam House, and to harbour and protect people from all walks of life if they need it.  She draws the line at having anything to do with the smugglers and criminal syndicates at Camp Thrifty, as she sees them as just another example of exploitation.

Personality Characteristics


Annika seeks to:
  • peacefully end Lord Akron's rule
  • establish a more positive relationship with the Motu and other peoples of Uferbrech and the sorrounding regions. 
  • ensure the Lux Steam House retains its reputation as a safe and welcoming place for people of all stripes to connect, unwind and enjoy life.
  • keep Utzo safe from his people in Torik 
Her greatest fear is being unable to help those she has promised to keep safe. The Steam House is the symbol of this protection, and she fears that if Akron and Gorias are pushed too far, they will push back with force. She treads a fine line, to ensure that her peaceful opposition to them does not trigger more violent retribution.

Vices & Personality flaws

She loves her sunwine, and is infamous for her long parties at the Steam House where much fun is had by many.  She has been known from time to time to drunkenly boast  about her or others actions against Lord Akron.  Utzo tries as best he can to keep an eye on her to make sure she does not say too much to the wrong people.


Annika Lux

Adversary (Important)

Towards Gorias De Soto



Gorias De Soto

Adversary (Vital)

Towards Annika Lux




Gorias and Annika grew up together, and both went to schoole at the Tutelage at the same time. They were originally friends, but began to grow apart as Annika rebelled against the schools teachings, and Gorias embraced them. The growing conflict culminated in the incident where Annika destroyed part of the dormiotry by accident, and seriously injured Gorias in the process.

Annika Lux

Adversary (Important)

Towards Lord Protector Ackron Der Kustos



Lord Protector Ackron Der Kustos

Adversary (Important)

Towards Annika Lux




The conflict between Lord Akron and Annika it has intensified in recent years.  While publicly thankful for Annika's contributions to town through the Steam House, Akron sees it as a soft-touch that will make them weaker against their enemies.  He resents her growing influence and easy popularity, and thinks she carries a dangerous naivety.  Meanwhile, Annika detests Akron's cruel and autocratic rule, and his crimes against the Motu.


Close friend (Vital)

Towards Annika Lux



Annika Lux

Close friend and benefactor (Important)

Towards Utzo




Annika met Utzo during her travels to Torik.  He had become outcast from his clan for reasons he has never revealed.  She found him near death and saved him.  He has been her loyal companion ever since.     Rumours and innuendo abound, some believing their relationship more than just friends. Neither Annika or Utzo will comment on such conjecture.


Friend and mentor (Important)

Towards Annika Lux



Annika Lux

Friend (Vital)

Towards Usohati




Annika met and became friends with Usohati during her time in the Uferbrech Tutelage where she stidied, and he worked as a slave.  He begrudgingly became fond of the young Annika, who became enraptured with his stories of the Motu and the unujust invasion of their lands by Lord Ackron's forces.  Usohati became a mentor of sorts, and was constantly trying to teach Annika patience and care when dealing the powerful forces around them.     To Annika's deepest shame, Usohati was killed when she attempted to steal back artefacts of the Motu from Lord Ackron's plunder.   Her rash actions led directly to his death, her expulsion from the Tutelage and her self-imposed exile from Omberstad.

Owner of the Steam House in Omberstad and open critic of Lord Akron's rule.  Known as a supporter of the down-trodden.

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Related timelines

The Life and Exile of Annika Lux
Current Location
Year of Birth
2923 AD 68 Years old
Current Residence
Silver grey with age
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
4' 11"
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Gods and Akron be damned, more Sunwine!"
Known Languages
Annika has taught herself many languages over the years.  She is able to converse in the tongues of the Shimmerlands, the Motu,Torik and has even invented a rudimentary device with which she can talk in simple terms using smells with the fungal peoples of Glimmertown.
Ruled Locations

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Before the Tempus Accord

The Modern Era

2910 AD and beyond

  • 14 TA

    Birth of Annika Lux
    Life, Birth

    Annika born in Omberstad to parents Clara and Felsen Lux.

    Additional timelines
  • 25 TA

    Annika Lux begins her Tutelage
    Life, Education
  • 26 TA

    Annika and Usohati meet
    Life, Relationship change

    The short, but powerful friendship bewtween Annika Lux and the Motu slave Usohati

  • 26 TA

    Exploration of the Windwheels of the Motu
    Discovery, Exploration

    Annika Lux, with her friend Gorias De Soto , discover the wind powered machines at Windwheel Pass

    Windwheel Pass
  • 30 TA

    The Mirrorshield Heist
    Life, Trauma/ Loss

    The failed attempt by Annika Lux to steal back the Mirrorshield of Wala on behalf of the Motu. Foiled by Gorias De Soto and the event that precipitated Annika's self-imposed exile from Omberstad.

    Fort Kustos
    More reading
    Mirrorshield Heist
    Additional timelines
  • 30 TA

    53 TA

    The Exile of Annika Lux
    Life, Relocation

    The 23 years of Annika's global travels in exile, documented in The Lost Journals of Annika Lux

    Additional timelines
  • 31 TA

    39 TA

    Annika's Exile: the first 10 years
    Life, Relocation

    Annika's first decade of exile, spent travelling from the Stoneforged Assembly and through The Protectorates.

  • 40 TA

    53 TA

    Annika's Exile: the second decade

    During the second decade of her exile, Annika spent time studying with the Bloodmages of Novalucca, and with the SporeMinds of Glimmertown. She then spent a few years in the Circle of Malama, and sailing with the Icerunners between Kukutana and the Sea of Black Ice.

  • 54 TA

    59 TA

    Building of the Steam House at Omberstad
    Construction beginning/end

    Upon her return to Omberstad, Annika immediately began construction on the windwheels, pipes and Steam House.

    Lux Steam House
    Additional timelines


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